I hate People

Look, it’s no secret that people are stupid, mindless, sociopaths with a mean streak about as long as the universe is wide.

But that’s not why I hate people.

I hate people because in these brand new day and age where we can have access to an entire library of information at the click of a button, we still choose to be stupid and evil.

Listen, I’m aware that some people just willfully choose to be bad apples and while part of me is saying “shame on them”, another part of me is saying “I hope what they got ain’t contagious”.

And surprise surprise, it is.

I hate people because they feel like because they hold something that’s consider socially sacred like a child or a religion, it justifies irrational behavior.

It doesn’t.

You got people that’ll go to war with people in another country to “protect” their kids but won’t save up money to make sure they have a little something to sit on when they turn 18 because “these kids gotta learn responsibility the way I did”.

You have people that’ll “defend” their religion from anyone with a different religion but will blatantly refuse to even have a conversation with those same people simply because it’s already etched in their minds that the other people are bad.

Look, I’m completely guilty of shitting on Republicans but that’s because todays Republicans aren’t actually Republicans. The people I encounter that hate “liberals” can’t even tell you what a Republic actually is or even tell you any Republican president ┬ábut will proudly scream that America is one and that’s supposedly a good thing…without telling you why it’s a good thing.

Look, I’ve actually tried to sit down and have a dialogue with people I disagree with and I outright refuse to try to persuade people’s way of thinking but I want to understand why they go in the direction that they go with their thinking process and it almost always is “because we’re awesome and YOU SUCK”.

And this kinda way of thinking is combined with “I’m a super mature adult and everything I say is correct now” and I can totally respect that way of thinking if people realize that that was the most immature way to approach any situation and maybe not enable it so much.

But in a society that loves to enable bad behavior because of whatever reason, being a good person makes you a social pariah.

I mean, have you heard the insults that Republicans actually have for people that disagree with them.

“Liberal” which in the dictionary usually pertains to “change” or “broad outlook”.

“Progressive” which I was informed was a good thing because that means to move forward, which makes the phrase “get over it” just that much more confusing. You’re telling a progressive to move forward but calling them a “Progressive” as an insult.

Now, you have the term “special snowflake” which, a snowflake is actually a natural phenomenon of geometric proportion and a “special” one seems to stand out.

You have to understand that we’re now living in a society where being different (“special snowflake”), having a broad outlook on things (“liberal”) and wanting to move forward in life (“Progressive”) is now being considered a bad thing and what makes it worse to me is how this was sorta what we as a society have been working towards for what seems like the past century.

This goes past politics because there’s no such thing as an actual Republican or Democrat anymore.

I hate people because they go out of their way to use every excuse they can to justify horrible behavior MORE than just saying “I like being a shitty person”.


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