One Piece

It’s come to my knowledge that One Piece is sorta one of the more popular series written out right now.

Now I won’t lie, I love One Piece, it’s a great series with practically everything I like in it. It has a compelling story line, characters I can slightly relate to, a buttload of action and almost no actual romantic tumor.

Now that I got that out the way, I wanna talk about the things I don’t like about One Piece. First off it’s a long runner but with a declaration of the main character becoming “King of the Pirates”, it’s almost guaranteed to go into that direction.

Now, while I love the compelling story line, I’ll admit that the actual arc plots are usually pretty formulaic. Seems an awful lot like “Strawhats end up on island, strawhats meet resistance force, strawhats meet baddy, (stuff), Strawhats beat baddy, on to the next island”. I love how in this series, there’s a lot of focus on all the characters so everyone gets time to shine (which is surprising considering how much hell Usopp had in his introduction).

As much as I love the character work, I hate Nami. Something about her betraying the team twice just don’t sit right with me and I really hate how porn artists see her more attractive than Robin since Robin is clearly the more attractive one (I guess the younger, the how they love Amy instead of Rouge in the Sonic fandom…creepy stuff, man). I mean, Nami’s talented in her own right and everything but I’ll always find her annoying compared to everyone else

And as much as I laud it for not having romance, I hate how every woman in the series looks almost exactly the same. I understand that sex sells but at this point, it’s just annoying that every goddang woman in the series have huge boobs and a small waist. I’m not saying I don’t like a nice rack but jeez Oda, you’re rich! Do you really need to thrive off of “sex sells” at this point?

Finally, I hate the extremely long reveals.

Jinbe was mentioned in chapter 69 of One Piece and wasn’t formally introduced until chapter 528. We still don’t know what Vegapunk looks like and peeps like Kaidou and Fisher Tiger JUST popped up a few chapters ago! I’m aware that Jinbe was probably in jail that entire time but you telling me that the guy couldn’t pop up in a flashback for Arlong?

I mean, I love being surprised and I don’t mind waiting but then I finally see Jinbe and compared to all the stuff I saw before him, I wanted to be like “wow, he’s so awesome” but instead I’m like “awww, look at ’em fangs”.

I bet Vegapunk look like Wanze from Cipher Pol.

but One Piece with all it’s personal flaws is still one of my favorite manga to read and I just hope that Luffy kicks Blackbeard’s ass because at this point, I can see that ending the series.


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