Comic Books

So it’s time for me to get into my inner nerd and explain to everyone what I think about comic books.

Now, when I was growing up, getting comic books was hard to come by so I’d find myself straggling enough change to get whatever Archie comic I could find at the corner stores.

The few superhero comics I did encounter (not keep) were sorta similar to like the Super Friends TV show.

So reading the comic where Batman actually smiles sometimes was really weird when I’d see the Batman: The Animated Series show and be like “damn, he must-a stopped smiling at some point”.

And here’s where I get into my gripes about most American comics.

Look, I love how it’s an expression of a perfect (or imperfect) world where there are untouchable good guys fighting crime and saving the world on the regular basis but like any artform that’s been expressed in the past, there’s been a bunch of flaws discovered in everything and comics are no different.

First off, I’m not a fan of a bunch of writers compiling on one thing. Too many people have too many ideas and some of them are just way to different from others and those kinds of changes confuse me.

I’m a fan of linear work so I really don’t like it when I read a comic of a story about a hero and then a movie or a TV show is made about them and stuff gets tweaked. Anime kinda spoiled me on that.

I mean, I don’t mind that happening too much because I don’t expect a book-to-show remake but I’m one of those know-it-all wannabes that really like to go into a show being like “ooh, I can’t wait to see how this turns out”.

Walking Dead is kind of a perfect example of what I’m talking about, it’s based off an epic comic book series (that I’d rate a 4/5 because I hate sex, especially in post-apocalyptic stuff). It’s a good show and it tends to throw peeps for a loop who’ve been reading the comic but what would annoy me is if they decide to make a Walking Dead movie or something based on Daryl or some smack like that (because Daryl’s not part of the comic book series and it’d be too big of an expansion).

Another thing I don’t like about comics is that the much older comics are almost always getting redone.

I feel that there’s too many times where a character has to get completely re-written after getting re-written just to seem logical in some way. I understand that a lot of these ideas were quirky or just too over the top but rather than just nix them entirely, I’d say just make them into a part of the character’s history.

I mean if you read TVTropes, look at Hawkman. We have no clue what’s up with that guy.

DC’s New 52 is a good way to stay hip but it’s kind of annoying to have to keep up with a new origin story after years of getting used to the old ones.

Maybe I’m a bit too critical but my biggest problem with American comics have always been how it almost always lack in being linear so I find myself asking “when in the comic did this event happen?” when I watch tv shows or whatever.

…Which wouldn’t be such a bad thing if there were like huge gaps in the plots to sorta make some possibilities logical but if I’m reading a comic about Sinestro being part of the Green Lantern corps before turning into a Yellow Lantern and end up seeing him become a Blue Lantern in a movie or something, I’m gonna be confused and mad and stuff like this actually tend to happen sometimes (remember Deadpool in that X-Men movie?).

In any case, I’ll keep reading though and I will possibly review some once I finish but that’s a work in progress down the line.

Just know that despite my gripes I’ll have with comics, I’m gonna be reviewing a few of those with completely noobish detail.


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