Looking for Jackie

So one day, I decided to go into my library’s digital library and check out some of the videos they had to offer and I was compelled to see “Jackie Chan’s Kung Fu Master”.

So like an idiot, I checked it out.

First off, the movie was dubbed and while I support dubs for anime, live action dubs kinda kill the mood just a smidge for me because I’m genuinely trying to learn the language.

But I could look past dubbing and appreciate the film if the film was honest.

If you look at the picture used for this entry, you’ll see the same picture that got me and the description was that of a kid trying to get trained under Jackie Chan.

So I’m thinking “kid finds Jackie Chan, Chan is relenting in training him but then does so after the kid proves himself just in time to help a struggling nation in the pit of war” or something.

What’s crazy is how I was right but how long it took for the kid to find Jackie.

Here’s the thing, the movie is actually called “Looking for Jackie” and the plot revolves a kid that’s Jackie Chan’s biggest fan seeking him out while Jackie’s in town shooting a movie. It starts off with the kid sneaking away on a trip to his Grandmother’s and follows him as he goes into this sorta epic adventure to find Jackie. I say “sorta epic” because other than joining a monastery type thing and getting robbed to meeting a hot cop chick there’s really not a lot to go on here.

I think what bugs me the most is the kid’s actual reason for seeking Jackie out. It starts off because he’s a fan that wants a picture, then strains to he wants Jackie to teach him how to fight to beat up kids that are apparently picking on him at school.

The movie is more about the kid than Jackie and it gets even more hectic when you find out that Jackie’s barely in the movie.

The ending was kinda heartfelt, though because the kid barely misses Jackie and it takes his grandma (who the kid was kinda being a jerk to prior to most of this) reassuring Jackie to stick around for a picture and I think a free lesson.

This movie screamed retro when I saw the type of phone the kid used to get his picture.

The movie itself wasn’t bad if it told the truth but I was so hell bent on it being Jackie vs. Army, I was SEVERELY let down about this. Like, I felt betrayed.

Movie was okay if you’re new to Chinese cinema and really lookin’ for a slice of life take on a martial arts film for a kid.

No rating but I will say watch it with low expectations, Jackie only show up enough times to show that he’s part of the movie, the product is about the kid searching for him.


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