I Want to be Famous

With social media being a driving force in people’s lives, social awkwardness has hit an all time high.

It started out with just being the quiet person in the crowd to being someone that rarely leaves home and now it’s evolved to fully grown internet lurker.

I never chose to be an outsider, I just wanted to make people happy or at least be part of a cool kids club.

After being shoved away and told I wasn’t cool enough, I turned my anger to sour grapes and just realized rather than being sad about it, I’ll just shrug and move along.

Then I discovered that one can become successful through the internet, all you gotta do is get people to like you. I assume that that wouldn’t be too hard until I realized that American people devote more time hating something than actually genuinely enjoying something.

So in my attempt to verify my existence and “place” in the world, I’ve tried YouTube, Tumblr, YouTube again, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, MindViz, Hi5, Tagged, Blackplanet (YOU NAME IT!)…whatever I could to try to get more and more people to know who I am and like me and surprisingly, nothing works.

It wasn’t until my old wrestling page started getting some love from a LOT of people in the Middle East that I managed to break past a limit of “people who give a crap about me” (all-time high is 200, by the way).

But by this time, I don’t even appreciate it anymore.

Once again, I consider myself a pretty interactive guy and the whole reason why I want to be famous is because I want to be financially successful enough to actually interact with my fanbase and help people but that requires A LOT of money.

So you can only imagine how painful it is to actually gain somewhat of a fanbase and more than half of those people just blatantly refuse to interact with me.

I’m not saying that I want to have a conversation with people every day because I’m just not that good at talking ┬ábut it’s a pain in the ass that the most likes/followers I have on something is maybe about 500 and I only interact with like ten people because everyone else is “too busy” (but apparently, weren’t that busy to include me in their lives in the beginning).

I could understand if I had encountered and chose to pursue them but I don’t like lurking, I rather interact.

Feels like others just don’t feel the same way, though and nothing sucks more than not being able to say “hey” to someone that chose to follow me in the first place.


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