Feel free to Judge

As mentioned plenty of times, I hate sex.

What I hate worse than sex is sexual stigmas and one of them I’m bringing up now is sex dolls.

Time for a really tough truth, no matter how many people there are in the world or how big the world is or how good of a person you are or how nice you are or any circumstances whatsoever, not everyone is guaranteed sex.

There’s some people that just ain’t gonna get it.

And in America, a nation that makes it seem like you gotta fuck every day, you’d think there’d be a lot less backlash over the use of toys or dolls or whatever.

As mentioned before, I got out of looking for a mate¬†after getting rejected so many times and let’s face it, a sexbot (or sexdoll) won’t reject me as much as a real woman would and I pretty much get what I pay for.

I hate the stigma behind it though because the first thing people say is “why can’t you go out and get a real woman” right after saying some bullshit about women “not owing you anything”.

If you pay attention to the actual process, it’s confusing as hell:

I’m supposed to request a potential loving and sexual relationship from multiple women who will reject me simply because they have the right to until I find one that actually does “owe me something” (supposedly) which could possibly never happen because I refuse to be a homewrecker and it seems like every woman is married nowadays.

That kind of mental torture would be comical if it wasn’t so bewildering.

I’d buy a sexbot/doll just to rule out the middle-woman.

People will say stuff like “you can’t marry her”, which is okay because I’m not looking for marriage.

“she can’t cook for you” which is pretty good because I can cook for myself.

And then there’s the whole “it’s not real” concept which I have a problem with.

Now, as much as I love and respect real women, they’re flawed. They can grow to hate you for anything. Most guys start cheating on their wives because of superficial things like weight gain or denying sex.

The way I see it, getting a sexbot/doll seems like the closest thing to a perfect relationship, she’s modifiable, never age, can’t get pregnant or STD’s, almost always in the mood and is very expensive which makes the bot seem like something only an elite would have.

Not to mention, it saves real women from the possibility of going into prostitution because let’s face it, a guy would sooner fuck a robot that can look like his favorite actress before they play the verbal minefield that is picking up a woman.

Seriously, if you think about it, a sexbot/doll is technically the best way to get people to learn how to clean up after themselves because at the end of the day, no guy is gonna insert himself into something he already plopped in without cleaning it first and that could be just what’s needed to motivate cleanliness.


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