Ip Man

So I finished watching this series not too long ago and all I gotta ask is WHERE THE FUCK WAS I WHEN THIS CAME OUT!?

Oh right, I was wallowing in my own self-hatred because I could work my entire life and never be as talented as them.

Yo, this movie series crushed the game!

I loved everything about this series and I can easily say I love Chinese Martial Arts films a lot more now.

First off, for those that didn’t see this movie, this movie is about Bruce Lee’s trainer, Ip Man, the more famous user of Wing Chun in Foshan.

Yip-sifu (Teacher Ip) is one of the most nicest badasses you’ll ever see.

Here’s how nice he is, he gets challenged a lot right? So like the first fight of the series is a sparring session with someone from a neighboring school challenging him and “losing” but it isn’t humiliating and Ip wanted the fight to be private so that no one could see.

Enter another character that ends up seeing the fight and spreading word that the other teacher lost.

Rather than humiliate the other teacher, Ip doesn’t even engage in that foolishness.

He only gets better from there.

I love this because it also shows how flawed he is, he’s having a strained relationship with his family (his wife don’t like all the challenges because it distances himself from his family and breaks most of their furniture since he almost never fights outside) but somewhere down the line, it gets better.

You also see that he’s not as badass as everyone thinks he is, while Wing Chun eventually becomes the most sought after style in Foshan, he’s reluctant about taking in students for obvious reasons and only does so after Japanese folks wreck China.

You see him remain humble after losing everything and teaching people how to

This was supposed to be a biopic, I guess but it eventually became yet another Martial Arts film (which isn’t a bad thing).

This entire series was awesome from beginning to end and a guaranteed rewatch (which I rarely do).

Seriously, where the heck was I when this got released, I would have loved everything about this!

Also, when I review something, I’m just talking about how much I enjoyed it, not necessarily saying that you should.


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