Wicked + The Divine

You’d think that a series that turns pop idols into avatars of actual Gods would be pretty awesome, right?

This series actually started off pretty okay, the concept is that Gods walk the Earth in the form of popular performers.

They also die in two years which sucks but because they’re spirits, all they gotta do is get their handler, Ananke, to find someone worthy enough to hone their spirits again.

Now, the current “Gods” are practically every negative stereotype of your everyday millenials, sex craved, parties a lot, immature, no real job (but somehow always doing awesome stuff), that sorta thing but they’re Gods so they can get away with it.

Story starts off with Lucifer (who clearly has a thing for the late David Bowie) causing some trouble and getting herself put on trial that results in a human getting killed. The problem is that Lucifer may have not killed that person and is wrongfully jailed.

Things get even more screwy when Lucifer is killed.

So now the story goes to “who killed Lucifer?”.

Enter nice guy Inanna (who clearly loves the late Prince) who apparently used to bang Baal (who could be modelled after either Jay-Z or Kanye West) who’s murdered.

So now, the plot is “who killed Inanna and Lucifer” and everyone else in between with fingers pointing to Baphomet.

Now, with a plot like that, I could handle it but it gets stupid with all the sex and parties that go on. Woden is my favorite character because while he’s probably the biggest asshole in the series, he’s at least a lot more tolerable than everyone else. I also like Sekhmet because let’s face it, cats are awesome. Amaterasu and Tara are also pretty cool but they make me sad with how people treat them, plus, I love Amaterasu’s adorable kid talk.

The main character comes off as a bit of an airheaded groupie, her friend (an atheist transgender from China or something) just seems to be an attempt to be controversial and it took me re-reading the comic to understand exactly what the plot was. Everyone tends to bitch about the artwork in part three but I was so turned off by the gushy pointless angles and the three way between the main character, a goddess she followed and that goddess boyfriend that I was ready to just write this crap off entirely.

Yeah, I hate sex that much.

But sex aside, I could tolerate it if they just I dunno, wrote it better?

Good concept, bad delivery and I’ll admit, I liked it until I didn’t anymore.

Still read it, though just to broaden your perspective on things, you may like it but I know for a fact that I, myself, didn’t.


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