Baran Odar’s “Sleepless”

This movie was ALMOST perfect for me.

First off, let me explain something, I may spoil some stuff for you so if you’re reading this and you’re not into that sorta thing, just know that I didn’t force you to read this (because y’know, more times than not, I have no clue who you even are).

This movie was easily the type of movie I never actually expected to see.

First off, Jamie Foxx is a pretty okay actor but every time I see him, I’m reminded that he was pretty much a sex symbol R&B singer (the type of people I hate) so I was instantly turned off.

So as I’m headed to the Navy base to watch this movie, I’m expecting action packed drama or whatever and at some point, seeing Jamie Foxx fuck a chick that I could really care less about.

But I was wrong.

So wrong.

It was pretty much an okay written with a lot of moments where you can sorta see that the movie was rushed. There’s too many times where a chase would go too well for the person doing the chasing where they’d know which door the chased was running to.

But I got ADD  so the action was awesome and the plot was simple enough for me to follow.

The movie goes like this, after stealing a bunch of cocaine, Police Officer Vincent Downs (played by Foxx) gets his son taken away by the dealers he stole it from.

Insanity ensues when the good cops get involved.

I liked this movie because at no point did they distract from the pretty simple plot to throw in anything new, main character wants his son back and is going through hell and high water to get him.

Now the common criticism is gonna be something like “this sorta plot has been done to death” but if you’re the empathetic type like I am, any movie where someone’s kid is kidnapped is bound to tug at your heart in some way regardless of how often you see it.

The fight scenes are actually believable too which is surprising considering the type of movie it is. I was at the edge of my seat wondering if Downs was gonna make it or not because he comes pretty close to dying just from almost losing a fight at least twice in the movie.

Remember how I said earlier that this movie was almost perfect for me?

Yeah, logical fight scenes, a story that goes with the plot and doesn’t divert, no sex whatsoever DESPITE apparently taking place in Las Vegas (or some kinda casino, they’re all Las Vegas to me)

There was like one scene in the movie that I straight up hated and it’s when the two bad guys are in an elevator and there’s a guy and a girl between the two bad guys just kissing each other like crazy.

Now part of me was thinking that something bad was going to happen to those two just to show how scary or bad the bad guys are, but no these schmucks let them just walk out of the elevator completely unharmed and unafraid.

That one scene made me give the move a 4.99/5 rating and I rarely rate movies I actually like.

Either way, I loved this movie, it was pretty much an hour long chase scene complete with stereotypical cliches and I loved every second of it.

Now, you, reader, may not like this movie but you have to understand, I was expecting at some point for Jamie Foxx to fuck the female lead or at least kiss or her or some crap like that because the movie was made in America and they got an agenda to push.

If not for that invincible kissing couple in the elevator, I’d consider this a perfect movie.

Just figured I’d bring this up too, but there was an extra in that movie at some point that made me think that this movie was shot in New Orleans at some point…Girls ass was HUGE in that silver dress and I wasn’t the only one that noticed it. Girl was thicker than packed sugar lol.

I’m a southerner, I notice these things.


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