Goldberg!? You sure about that?

Look, I’m no  fan of Kevin Steen by any means. I’ll acknowledge the fact that he’s a good wrestler and a great character but I never liked him.

With that being said, who in the hell in Creative thought it was a good idea for him to drop the title to Goldberg!?

Now for the kids in the back that were swimming in pappy’s sack during the days of WCW, Goldberg was a dominant figure in Pro Wrestling simply because he had a pretty long streak. There may have been other streaks but in the 90’s, pre-internet era, wrestling was kinda rare back in the day to obtain so if it wasn’t WCW or WWF, it was some indy fed you were lucky to catch at the right time on the right channel.

In any case, while WWF had the Rock, Stone Cold and a budding star in Triple H, WCW had their ace in the hole with Goldberg.

Goldberg was a freakin’ monster and was laying waste to people left and right for what seemed like almost an entire whole minute.

Goldberg was not only dominant but was such a marketable name that he practically made the phrase “Who’s Next” more violent than it was supposed to be.

Now, when the streak was over (depending on who you ask, the people responsible could have been like Booker T, Haku, Bret Hart, Scott Steiner or the famous Kevin Nash stun gun), Goldberg was dented up but not completely broken but you can’t market a guy off of his undefeated streak anymore if he’s no longer undefeated.

So  now Goldberg is demoted from king of the mountain to regular wrestler with huge following.

When WCW died down, Goldberg went to Japan only to come back to win the WWE World Championship which a lot of people appreciated because he defeated Triple H, who was an even bigger heel than he is now if that’s to be believed.

When Goldberg was on his way out, he was practically led out with a sequence of thunderous boos in what was supposed to be the biggest match in his career against Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 20 in the worst match of the best Wrestlemania to date.

I guess we’re supposed to forget about that part though, when WWE decides to bring him back yet again to help promote the WWE video game and have a match against Lesnar again.

We all knew that Lesnar vs Brock III was in the works (especially after the travesty that was Bill/Brock II) but no one expected it to be for the championship despite how early it is to actually tell.

My personal gripe is how this third match doesn’t make any sense. It’s more than likely going to be the end-all-be-all for this little saga but the problem is that should any of them win, the title goes to someone that won’t devote too much energy into making appearances and in the process you push guys like Braun Strowman out of the title picture in order to do it.

I sense a devastating event in the force and it’s not the good kind.


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