Kong: Skull Island

I kinda delayed this one, I saw this movie about three days ago but it was still amazing.

Bruh, the Lemoore NAS movie theatre was freakin’ packed!

Now let me start off by saying this, I’m gonna spoil to some degree, if you’re cool with that, keep reading

Movie starts off pretty simply, a shot of the past compiled with clips of war and John Goodman asking to check out this island, he gets permission and -boom- he’s assembling a team to headto Skull Island.

Yo, the balance of this intro was amazing, there wasn’t an extremely long buildup to get to Skull Island. You saw Kong before the first thirty minutes of the movie and Kong was doing what he do best.

Whoop. Ass.

Kong came in like an em-effin’ beast and wrecked a lot of stuff in the process.

He’s proof that we’re fucked as a species if other primates end up getting a growth spurt.

Or any animal getting a growth spurt for that matter, the whole bit about Skull Island is that Kong ain’t the only big thing there. You got giant ants that sound like birds.

Oh yeah, and there were humans in the movie too but the only people I cared about were Samuel L. Jackson,  John C. Reilly and Louisiana’s own Jason Mitchell. If you look closely at Reilly’s jacket, it says “good for your health” on the back as a shout out to his Steve Brule character.

I feel a little smart for recognizing that even though I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one.

One thing that really stood out here was how they made the animals smart. It wasn’t just “me giant animal, I crush you!” kinda stuff. Kong be knowing when to back off and think logically as would most of the animals on the island. There’s one part in the movie where someone was hoping to go all kamikaze on the actual antagonist monster in hopes to get swallowed while holding two grenades and give the monster a case of extreme bubble guts but the antagonist monster just tail whips the guy into a nearby mountain.

Where he blows up.

I loved this movie mostly because despite the possibility of Tom Hiddleston and that chick banging each other with all the pointless sexual tension going on between them (as also with the two scientist people), they made this movie more about what really mattered which was getting off the island so they don’t end up becoming lizard food.

The final fight was EVERYTHING to me too, there’s one point in there where you see Kong take a tree and just pull off all the loose branches and the first thing I was thinking of was how mama used to get a switch to whip my ass and take off all the extra branches and I’m like “this thing about to get that ass whooped”.

I felt like the chick was useless but then you remember how useful photographers are at times like this.

A lot of action, a lot of fighting and Samuel L. Jackson saying a perfectly timed “BITCH, PLEASE!”.

Also, I was freakin’ terrified of that giant spider…

If you like some good ol’ classic violence and wildness, check this awesome ass movie out.

Kong: Skull Island.


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