Colin Kaepernick

Now, I tried my damnedest to quell the political talk but I can’t leave this alone.

Now, for anyone that don’t know spit about Kaepernick, he’s a football player that pissed off a lot of people for kneeling during the national anthem before games in protest to police killing black people.

Seems pretty noble until you get the message spun that supposedly Kaepernick hates the troops or some crap like that.

Cue a few months of discussion about the Star Spangled Banner being a drinking song from foreigners with a racist overtone sprinkled in with how some people “gave more so that he can have the right to do do what he did” and Kaepernick is now a polarizing figure in general about the whole “politics and football” gap.

Now, I don’t watch football, I’m putting that out there now. I mean, after his team beat the Saints that one time, I was a little anti-Kaepernick myself. I’m not really a fan of the Saints but I support most local stuff out of Louisiana even if it is New Orleans (I hate big cities).

Apparently, since the the knee-jerk movement of his silent and not-so-harmful protest. Kaepernick was pretty much the best dead-horse issue for Right Wingers since Obama’s presidency as his name was practically thrown in just about every sports based political discussion manifested.

My issue on this is simple.

People care more about the song than they do about what Kaep’s kneeling for.

Look dumservatives, I get it, you love America but loving something isn’t always just sugarcoating everything and lauding the positives. It’s calling out the negatives as well. The big reason why you don’t care much about race stuff is because you’re not on the receiving end of it as often.

And if you are, you’re not a tougher person for handling it different, you’re just aware that the worst thing that can happen to you isn’t the worst thing that can happen to us. The worse thing that can happen to you as a white man is that you go to jail or get outed as a horrible person. Being black kinda sprinkles in the possibility of getting killed.

Now, I’m not saying that white people don’t get beat up or killed by police officers. It does happen.

But then you look at people like Dylann Roof who was taken to Burger King apparently on his way to jail, Brock Turner who only served three months because the judge in charge of his trial thought that jail would be too rough on him and Ethan Couch who drove drunk and got off for a short while because he was rich.

I mean, hell, Donald Trump had a rape case pending against him on the day he was sworn in or something like that and is currently serving as Tsar or Presidentski or something.

But a black person has a chance of not surviving a routine traffic stop and the same people that scream “all lives matter” try to justify possible murder with “if they didn’t want to get killed, they wouldn’t break the law” whereas I see stories from my stomping grounds of Louisiana where a white kid drove drunk at the Endymion parade, injured a bunch of people and is still alive so what law was he not breaking to not get shot by a cop?

I’m not a fan of football to care about Kaep’s record or gameplay or what kind of stats or whatever, you can keep that.

What I’m saying is that the message here is pretty messed up to say that a drinking song about a country with a racially divided history as screwed up as America is more important than the lives of black people getting killed by people that we’re told as children keeps us safe.

Let’s not forget that Kaep’s actually doing some humanitarian type stuff right now like dedicating his money to helping people less fortunate than he is.

While Right Wingers that hate him say that rich people should keep all their money so they don’t have to pay for healthcare or something like that.

Compared to Kaep, y’all right wingers looking more and more evil by the day and that shit ain’t right.


3 thoughts on “Colin Kaepernick”

    1. If it was me, I’d hire him simply because I know that he’d put my team on the map just on controversy.

      It’s one of the few things that Eric Bischoff got right.

      Like, I’m not trying to win the Super Bowl but if I can get some kind of coverage to keep myself relevant after what could be a bad year, I’d put him in the game.


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