Are Pornbots a conspiracy?

Now, anyone that’s ever had an account on any form of anything interactive on the internet is well aware of all the advertisements and spam but there’s a much more reviled staple of the interactive internet.

I swear, they’re freaking everywhere nowadays.

For those that have no clue what a pornbot is, go on any interactive website that used to be popular but is now obscure (Outlook, Yahoo, MySpace etc.) and take a look at your inbox.

There’s at least one or two people that encountered a simply basic to really hot chick approach them on the internet in some way, shape or form that may or may not have spammed them some random link leading to some sorta porn site that you have to pay for.

Now, anyone who’s been on the internet long enough know that it’s a scam or a prank or a joke or a celebrated waste of time because of the lack of interaction from the bot or the fact that it’s some chick that looks like she’s really skinny sending you a link trying to find some “big booty bitches here”.

Now, my years on social networking have been a little stretched out, I’ve had MySpace, Yahoo, AOL, Google, Facebook, Hi5, Tagged, Blackplanet, MyYearbook, Mindviz, Livejournal, GaiaOnline and a few more so I’m more than aware of these things.

Plus, I’ve been rejected by women since I was like ten years old so any woman that approaches me talking about wanting to bone in the first message they send is clearly a fake account or a prank or something.

But the thing I realize is that the pictures that these things use are pictures of real women.

Most of them are rarely ever photoshopped so these bots are using real women’s pictures in their sick game to sucker people into paying for internet porn (which I’m pretty sure is a cardinal sin by now).

So I decided to take it a step further and start letting the women I know who are getting their pictures stolen for this stuff.

You have no idea how much of a pain in the ass it is to send direct messages to instagram on a phone with a jacked up touch screen.

I don’t expect responses but I figure someone outta tell them if no one is already.

The way I see it, some of them either know that their pictures are being used for this kinda thing or they don’t and if they don’t know, they’re being denied royalties.

Then I realize that with some of these pictures, I can’t find some of the “models” and some of these pictures look almost too real. I’m talking like a little too realistic, not some hot chick taking a butt picture while walking down a beach, I’m talking about a young girl just at a store or something and another picture of the same girl just like hanging out with a friend doing regular stuff without the sex appeal.

And with all this talk about human trafficking now being an epidemic in America, the one thing I’m thinking is that some of these women in the pictures that I can’t find (to let them know that a bot stole their picture) are women that are either too ashamed of themselves because of the picture, women who just have lives outside of the internet…or women that are being trafficked.

Now bear with me here because I’m about to sound crazy but what if pornbots are some sort of stealthy way of telling people that a young lady has gone missing. I mean, if people go public and make a big deal about it, a kidnapper would get uneasy, flee the country or whatever but what if some of these pornbots are saying “yo, I know I got a job to do but see this girl? she just may be missing, ignore my post but find this girl”.

I mean, considering how fucked up America is, what if people are trying to do something right in the midst of doing something wrong.

I mean, even scams actually sell something that may actually benefit their customer.

And no one takes a spambot seriously so it’s kinda the best way to raise some sort of awareness without causing a panic that may shake a kidnapper because for every porn star pic that they use, one of them is just a regular girl that was probably stalked by the person behind the bot.

It sounds ridiculous, I know but so does “President Trump”.


2 thoughts on “Are Pornbots a conspiracy?”

  1. Lol Do you know if there are any laws against someone using your picture and posing as a sexbot? Everyone should be notified if they are being used as one without their consent.


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