Life Update: “It’s Spring Break?”

So, as it’s already known right now, I’m living with my cousin in California while trying to get a combination of my life back on track with a fresh new start.

Since I’ve been here, I’ve been on the job hunt, I’ve applied for a bunch of places and have had maybe eight or nine interviews since the month started.

I mean I’ve been doing the whole shave and a haircut routine but I’m guessing that they’re looking for something more, I dunno.

On the good foot, supposedly there’s an unpaid internship in Los Angeles with my name on it. The good thing about that is that I’d be working in Entertainment (I mean, the word is even in the business’ name) but the bad news is that I’ll be homeless in LA while I “work” there. Which I wouldn’t mind if I wasn’t so convinced that being homeless in LA is just as bad (if not worse) than it would be being homeless anyplace else.

But I’m not a complete loser.

Since being here, I’ve rekindled my desire to work out and for those that don’t have me on Instagram, I tend to post up progress after every go-round on the treadmill.

Not sure if I mentioned this or not but my cousin has his house made into a mini gym, got a pullup bar, a resistance band, some weights among other things so my idea is to get back slim. I used to be 150 lbs about less than a decade ago!

The good part is that he doesn’t have a weighing scale so I don’t have to dwell on the weight I didn’t lose.

I’m not aiming to get like swoll a hell but I want to be able to do a freehand backflip without doing a neckbump (wrestling term for “land on neck”) and with the house not being elevated, I can do cardio without causing an earthquake (like California needs anymore of those).

I’ve also been getting the hang of Netflix, I used it for a month once but I stopped after realizing I had to actually pay for it.

I’ve been trying to watch a few more shows and maybe try to get the creative juices flowing for my own work. So far, I’ve been watching like my all time favorites, SVU and Sunny (in Philadelphia) but I’ve also been checking out AJIN (I was reading the manga before the site I was using kept crashing my sh-t), Orange is the New Black and the new Cyborg 009 on top of a few others that I’ve sorta finished (the Magicians, which I wasn’t a fan of and Bob’s Burgers).

Speaking of Netflix, I saw myself in the Thunderstruck movie! That was like my first time being an extra!

I’m surprised that they got that clip into the final draft considering that I figured they were gonna be like “jeez, that guy is too ugly to be on camera, can we at least blur him out”.

I guess not, Hollywood bitches.

I still haven’t been to Los Angeles yet.

I want to save that for when I get a job so I can literally afford to go there but this whole job hunt has been just murder on my self esteem lately. I got lead on by the local Five Guys eatery and Pieology (think Subway but with Pizza) but they never called me back.

Apparently, I’m on the verge of hearing something from a dishwashing job at the Navy Base roughly fifteen minutes away but then again, it’s probably coming at the same time I get an acting job in Los Angeles after someone notices me being funny on YouTube.

That was supposed to be a joke.

But on the good foot, I’m in school (I like to think that’s a positive), I initially thought it was just a certification course but it turns out I may be in this for the long haul which means more money I’m gonna have to pay the Department of Education which is now headed by a halfwit sociopath (that I find sexy, something about Betsy’s smile).

Meh, either way, while having my self esteem eaten away at me from the¬†crippling realization that I’ve been here since January 23rd and still haven’t gotten a job yet, I’ve tried to stay positive by doing a Live feed on my Facebook to just sorta keep my friends and family updated on how I’m doing.

I mean, I’m not doing completely well but I’m not dying so I guess that’s a 50/50.



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