Rich People don’t work.

As mentioned many of times before, I hate rich people.

What annoys me is how controversial that very statement is now.

Like, am I supposed to not hate these people?

You got about a good half of the entire nation fighting each other because they don’t worship an elephant or a donkey. Another bit of the nation hate people for their skin color and the language they speak or the religion that they were born into.

I tend to choose to hate them for something that’s actually possibly controlled.

Now, let me stretch this out for a moment, I don’t hate rich people, I hate rich privilege.

My biggest problem with rich people is that they never suffer actual consequences for the shit they do because they’re considered the higher tier.

In a perfect world, everyone is properly punished for doing bad shit but then I hear about all these cases where a rich kid gets off free. Brock Turner and Donald Trump are proof that rich people can get away with practically anything in this nation and have been for a long time.

A CEO of a company can literally not do any work at all for years and still have a home, a car among other things but let an actual worker fuck up and they’re up shit creek until they can find another job.

I’m thoroughly convinced that Donald Trump has never done an actual days work in his life but I’m supposed to believe that he’s qualified to be President and actually do a good job?

I’m not saying that poor people deserve privilege but you can’t sit here and tell me that a kid that got money from sharing a last name as some rich entrepreneur that’s probably dead now actually worked harder than someone who works cash register at the local retail store.

All I’m saying is that rich people don’t have to worry about any actual risks and I’m one of the types of people that believe that they should. Rich people think that they can do anything they want and humans are always treading the waters of “let’s do the worst things imaginable”, so you can only imagine how good it feels to know that you got the money that you want and are completely exempt of rules and persecution.


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