No Lines: Being an Extra

So earlier, I stated that I’d like to maybe say some stuff about when I was an extra

So, here goes.

I’m not completely sure when my first time being an extra actually was but the earliest time I can remember was for the movie Thunderstruck, featuring the walking tower that is Kevin Durant.

For those that don’t know, Durant, for the longest time, was part of the Oklahoma City Thunder basketball team before the devastating decision to abandon his former team and teammate, the ever-accomplishing Russel Westbrook to join the possibly unstoppable Golden State Warrors.

But anyway, there was a movie being made in Baton Rouge, Louisiana at the LSU basketball field or something and let me tell you, it was hell getting there. Even though I’m from Baton Rouge, I rarely went on that side of town so I almost got lost, once I found my parking spot, I was sent to costumes and then sent to holding.

The way I saw it, I wasn’t getting any lines so I wasn’t completely giddy about all of it. I was just happy to be able to say that I was part of a movie or whatever.

I kinda expected that I was gonna be in holding a while.

For those that have no clue what “holding” is, it’s pretty much a waiting room for extras, nothing fancy but plenty of room to walk, pretty of food to eat and far enough away from set to talk to the others.

It didn’t take me long to realize that being in holding was like 80% of the job and considering how lazy of a person I was back then, I wasn’t complaining.

The times where we did have to “act” was in the scene where Durant was in the hallway scene while trying to hold a baby and the other one where the main character missed the shot.

What I found pretty awesome was how they had me sitting between this pretty lady and THE STAR OF THE MOVIE. I mean, I’m sitting right next to Taylor Gray and I’d-a shot the breeze with him if the director wasn’t glaring at me. Plus, the way I see it, if Taylor didn’t feel like talking, it’s probably for the best if I don’t try to start it.

Either way, we’re shooting the scenes and there was apparently a gap in time where the extras could have taken a picture with KD and since I didn’t have a phone at the time, I was outta luck. One thing I remember about Durant was how freakin’ tall he was. I mean like, he was a walking tower and I was but a mere mortal in comparison.

What got me though was during that gap in time, me and the kid got to talking for a little bit, nothing serious but he seemed like a pretty chill kid.

I asked him some questions and he responded, seemed mad cool for a kid.

Not sure Taylor Gray would recognize me now after that one conversation but I always kick myself for not being able to intercept him at the local anime convention that he was in.

Cool kid, nonetheless though.


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