Life Update

Okay, been a while since I put anything on here so as far as updates go, I have a job and I’m working on getting a second one since now I have a vehicle.

Since I got here, the whole “adulthood” thing has been a huge priority for me and moreso, my cousin.

In order, since I got here, I enrolled in school, got a job and got a vehicle.

Here’s my lamentations:

I don’t have enough money to pay for school and a car so I have to get a second job which is gonna make my dwindling performance in school even lower. So I’m gonna probably drain wallet dry trying to pay for everything.

My cousin is confident that I may get a better job down the line but part of me just wishes he would have waited until I finished my classes (I mean, it’s just ’til August, I hope) but I’m pretty sure he’s just in a rush to get me out of his place so it’s like “we gotta get you ready to go right now!”.

Meh, if I wasn’t used to this sorta thing, I’d have a meltdown by now.

I got a job washing dishes at the local navy base, and by “local”, I mean about a twenty minute drive to the next town of Lemoore in order to get there. Technically, I started there roughly three weeks ago but I still feel new. I haven’t even met all my co-workers yet but it’s good to know that the few I did meet are pretty cool.

The upcoming second job is at Little Caesar’s and my possible manager there seems pretty reasonable to have my schedule there measure up to the schedule with his place.

I think my biggest issue right now is with school. I didn’t really want to go to school as early as I did because I really wanted to have enough money to pay for it first and I’m easily pressured so I literally just enrolled just to stop all the calls. The calls stopped but now I’m in a course that I’m pretty sure I’m doing terrible in but then again, I’m a notorious slacker. I’m the worst kind of slacker because I actually want to finish things I start but I get distracted very easy.

It’s not an excuse, I’m actually trying to stop that.

It’s not something I’m proud of but it is something I have.

Either way, it’s hard to think positive when I got this giant leaning mountain of possible failures stacked against me and all I got to protect myself is an umbrella.

I mean, thankfully I’m working so it’s not a complete and total disaster, I just wish I could have not been easily pressured to go to school. However, since I’m in, I do plan to do a good job so I can at least say I finished something I started.


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