The bad news is that Trump is still in office.

The good news is that since Republicans have managed to fully infest the system, they’re now under the microscope of society.

And so far, they’ve proven themselves to be horrible people in the most ironic way possible.

The best part is that some people are starting to wise up to it.

Whether it’s the raucous town hall meetings or the memes of Trump and Putin or simple fact checking through internet arguments, the Republicans are now starting to get caught in the crossfire and have already had some people get the worst of it with their public mouthpieces.

Since Trump got in office, there’s been a division with Republicans, GOP and Conservatives alike (who I’ve called “Dumservatives” and “Dumpublicans”, dis-respectively, I might add) with “Conservatives” and “Trump supporters”.

I figured that the end was near now that Trump and the Republicans have now managed to fully infest the American Political system (or what’s left of it) but man, as my Westdale Middle School Math Teacher, Ms. Denu, in her authentic African accent would say “you are mistaken” (she’d say “you are mistay-kun” and I loved it).

I mean, at first, I was hearing about this whole thing with Fox News in it’s entirety treating women poorly and then it went down to the late Roger Ailes fellow that Samantha Bee had to educate me on, and then Bill O’ Reilly with his sexual harassment stint and then Tami Lahren‘s issue with Glenn Beck (who after his episode with Samantha Bee seems slightly tolerable now) and now, the Dumfederacy statues that practically glorified a failed attempt at normalizing a more extreme version of current white supremacy has been toppled and that’s not even counting Alex Jones being outed as a fraud yet again.


I mean, on top of ousting some of their more successful public speakers, it seems like the GOP is actually showing signs of dying. I mean Trump getting in is starting to reveal people like Ralph Shortey, George Faught, Mo Brooks and Steve King and their insanity. It’s glorious to witness what seems like an implosion of the GOP.

I may be jumping the gun with my celebration but shit, I can dream, can’t I?

I mean, if anything, it’s showing that if people still claim to be “Republican”, it’s just because they’re just evil people that seem to like sexual assault (FOX News/Trump), Pedophilia with Guns (Shortey), Lack of Empathy (Brooks),  and Racism (Sessions, the Confederacy)

Here’s to hoping that their death grip on the poor and uneducated loosens these upcoming years.


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