I hate Trump supporters. There, I said it (unposted)

Look, I’ve been trying to be civil about the political posts but this is getting outta hand.

Now, before I go any further, I want to explain something.

While I hate Trump supporters, I want nothing bad to actually happen to them, I just wish that they realize how hypocritical and just plain evil they’re being.

Believe me when I say, I feel horrible about calling them brain-dead ingrates but these people are just that.

Listen, there’s supporting someone because you believe in them and then there’s just enabling a messed up concept.

This is enabling a messed up concept.

These are the same people that talk about taxes but vote for a guy that claims to be “smart” for not paying them.

These are the same people that love talking about Benghazi (most of the time spelled incorrectly) but don’t want to talk about Russia.

These are the same people that are willing to pay for their president’s vacations and a wall at the border but not for national healthcare.

These are the same people that crucified Cedric Richmond for what he said about Kellyanne Conway’s infamous knees-on-couch picture but voted for a guy that admitted to grab women “by the pussy” (which doubles as cheating on his wife) just because he’s “famous” and “can do anything”.

These are the people that claim that they hate Muslims for “terrorism” but not Christianity for murder or Catholics for pedophilia.

These are the same people that scream “All Lives Matter” but would turn away or show outright hatred at the mention of sick people, black people murdered by cops, homosexuals, transgenders, Muslims or refugees who are just getting tired of getting killed and persecuted.

These are the same people that turn quitting jobs into a hobby but say that America needs to be ran “like a business” by people who don’t even work.

These are the same people that claim to LOVE Trump and HATE Obama only to compare the two whenever anyone says anything that Trump is doing wrong.

(Either say that you only like fucked up stuff when Trump does it or admit to yourself you liked Obama all along but couldn’t bring yourself to say it because he wasn’t white)

These are the same people who claim to be Republican because it’s the “Party of Lincoln” but are STILL raising a stink about the Confederacy statues (which apparently weren’t against Lincoln in some way).

These are the same people that scream AMERICA FIRST but a few of them have been shown to be obsessed with Naziism (looking at you, Richard Spencer).

I mean, these are the types of people that’ll tell you that they’re good people with a smile on their face before they say how they don’t think you “belong here” (here being “their” country).

I can’t lie, I was a huge fan of Chris Benoit when he was alive because he was a talented performer when that bell rung and as much as I hate to bring him down in any way, the way he died was heinously tragic for him. However, I can dissociate the person he was  to condemn how he died and still like him for being a good wrestler.

The problem with a lot of these supporters is that they’re just happy that there’s a Republican in the White House (some of them are just happy to have a white man in charge again) and they see the Presidential election as a sport where they feel like they’re on the team simply because they wear the jersey during the game.

It doesn’t work that way.

This is a guy that told you that he’s gonna “drain the swamp” only to later admit that he even hated the phrasing and can’t even explain to you what it means.

The transition from Obama to Trump is the equivalent of someone ending a relationship after getting shoved one time claiming that the partner was “too abusive” and then getting into another relationship with someone that practically beats the shit out of them at least once a week because “they like someone that takes charge”.

What makes me the maddest about Trump supporters is how they talk about being thick skinned and tough the entirety of the Trump campaign reminiscent of “if you don’t like Trump, you’re a pencil-necked, weak-willed crybaby” or “libtard snowflake”.

However, since Trump’s been President, it’s so easy to rile them up and hurt their feelings, they try to justify it as  “correcting” someone (yeah, some deplorables actually did try to “correct” me once like Trump didn’t run off lacking the concept).

I understand that people have their favorites but politics shouldn’t be like that.

These are kid’s futures at stake and it’s in the hand of greedy and stupid rich sociopaths with God complexes that’s willing to just say that they’re “republican” to get your vote.

We could do something about this though.

Just sayin’.



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