I hate White Supremacy

Now if you’re an internet Klan members ready to spout out “Well, what about Black Supremacy”.

I advise you to keep reading.

Actual Black supremacy don’t fucking exist.

There was once a time where if a black guy and a white guy did the same crime on the same day and got trial at the same time, the white guy would get a lighter sentence because he supposedly pose less of a threat.

Put this in your mind for a second, if a group of black people walked around at night with fucking torches spouting out some Anti-American bullshit about Jews…well, let’s just say, the jail wouldn’t be big enough to throw them all under.

Meanwhile this group of terrorists get together FOR THE SECOND TIME and are not only not arrested for being a public disturbance but people are actually defending them because of their right to free speech saying that it was a “peaceful protest”.


Peaceful protest.

Unless you’re black or Jewish, then it’s a fucking Klan rally set up by Nazi juniors that forget that their grandparents may have served in the very war that supposed to have defeated this concept.

Look, I’m all about freedom of speech, it’s kinda how I can type up all my material without getting shot by the cops but the one thing I’m starting to see a lot of from people defending this concept is the belief that “people should have the right to disagree”.

This is coming from the same people that got mad about Kaepernick kneeling and people dancing on the American flag in protest of  unarmed black people getting shot to death by cops.

People disagreed on pineapples going on pizza, sugar going on spaghetti and the color of that dress, those are disagreements. This whole White supremacy bullshit going on is what motivates things like genocide and being able to say “not today, you Nazi motherfucker” doesn’t make one intolerant to a different opinion.

It makes you an American that knows history.

Also, y’all got your publicity jacked by the immigrant in the very photo for this, how’s that for Karma.


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