Show Idea: “Bootstraps” (Riches to Rags)

I’m pretty sure this idea has been done before but I’d like to see it done again.

This idea initially came to me when I was having a war of the words with a Trump supporter and they told me that “Rich people have it rough too” after I mentioned that if rich people were hard workers, they’d be able to earn back the money they were taxed.

You see, I think that there’s a rift between financial classes in America which has caused this belief that everyone’s doing fine because they purposely distance themselves away from it.

Then I remember saying “well, I’m pretty sure if it was a contest, us on the lower earning scale are doing much worse than they do, I doubt they’d survive a week in our shoes”.

And boom.

Riches to Rags.

A show dedicated to challenging and documenting an affluent person who has to live beneath their means to see.

The challenge is to see exactly how long they can last with absolutely no access to their fortune so I’m talking the actual “bootstraps” story that people keep talking about.

Initially, I thought this would be awesome to see Donald Trump do but then I thought about it and realized that if Donald Trump doesn’t have any access to his money, he’d turn into a serial killer in about a week.

Either way, I’m compelled to call this story “Bootstraps” instead of “Riches to Rags”

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