Show Idea: Mission Method (rough draft)

I honestly have no clue what to call this one so bear with me.

James Jackson “Jimmy Jack” Johnson Jr’s (just called Jack or “Junior”) father is one of the most successful meth dealers in the entire Southeast, perks including almost no actual punishment for his crimes due to the governor’s son-in-law being one of his customers.

Jim Sr. pretty much bought the cops and seemed untouchable.

In the past, there were competition but no one could quite get as many sales as him and it’s believe that it’s due to a specific formula that just brought him more customers.

In time the competition from Ronnie Blanchard Sr., Larry Arnaud and Corey Jumonville all but faded away to obscurity with senior reigning supreme.

Things have finally died down with Jumonville’s death and Blanchard’s arrest with Arnaud going missing and being deemed not as much of a threat anymore.

Despite the money they make, they live the simple life the wood cabin out in the outskirt forests of their city and would rather skin a deer than go to the store.

Jack Jr. is the oldest of four boys (Jr, Mavis, Roy and Laurence) and was trusted with the full recipe for “Bailout”, the meth that apparently is the reason behind their success.

Problem is, Jack Jr. don’t want any part of it and sees it as a burden to him after all the destruction it caused (they had to move twice and their first house was shot at).

Mavis devotion to the family business gives Jack Sr. a chance to reluctantly consider giving Mavis the formula as well until finding out that Mavis was selling meth on his own for slight profit.

The rift causes a bit of a spat between the two but nothing too serious as Jack Sr. gives the bailout recipe to his other two sons in secret, Roy and Laurence.

Despite their dispute, Mavis shows that he can be just as useful and a better seller than Jr. (who took no interest in the business at all) and was on the verge of getting the formula before Jack Sr. dies in a meth lab explosion.

This causes a rift in the family as Mama Johnson takes control of the business and ostracizes Mavis after finding out he’s been dealing on his own.

Roy ultimately overdoses on Bailout which causes Jr. and Laurence to leave. Laurence becomes a doctor in a neighboring city with Mama Johnson’s blessing (she loves her baby) and Jr. decides to get a job at the local retail store.

Months pass and Mavis and Mama Johnson now have two of the bigger meth businesses and are currently in competition with each other with Mavis eyeing Jr and Laurence for the formula to Bailout.

Arnaud resurfaces with a hot wife named Krystal Menendez who’s connected to a drug cartel “someplace in Mexico” who “wants in” on the action.

Blanchard is released from prison.

And everyone now wants to be the big meth dealer on the block.

Which makes both Jr. and Laurence targets because they both know about Bailout.

It’s just an idea but what ya think?

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