The N-word

Yup, it’s time to talk about it.


Listen, when I was a kid “Nerd” was the meanest thing a kid could say to another kid.

I’m black so when I was growing up, the show “Family Matters” was a big hit and there was no better example of the undesirable kind of “nerd” than Steve Urkel.

So it went like this, if you wore glasses, you were a “nerd” and if you were black and wore glasses, you were pretty much Steve Urkel.

Either way, you’re gonna feel the wrath of the dumber collective.

Now, my idea of a Nerd is someone who indulges into something enough to know more about it, be it sports, electronic devices, music, entertainment, fiction or anything. The idea is that you, as a nerd, like something enough to study it and maybe make it into your craft.

I also believe that a Nerd is someone that knows how it feels to be ridiculed by the dumber collective and have enough empathy to be less of a judgmental person than that. I mean, my big rule for being a nerd is pretty simple, “Don’t be a bully”.

However times change and people evolve so my standards don’t apply, from what I’ve seen, being a nerd was more about demographic than actual physical appearance, so if you fall into the category of someone that likes Anime, Comic Books, Video Games, Fiction of any kind like Harry Potter or something, you were some kind of nerd.

And because being a nerd wasn’t as much of a physical thing anymore, it was harder to find out who to judge unfavorably.

It was even harder to continue to pick on Nerds because people were now starting to be proud of being one or at least not ashamed due to realization that being part of a fandom or actually liking something isn’t worth being ashamed of.

When being a nerd started getting popular, that’s when the lines started getting blurred for me.

Like, people started to genuinely enjoy being called it, you even have famous people on TV using the term favorably to describe their guilty pleasure of things like video games, novels and things like that.

In time, it seems like the more people call themselves a nerd, the more the actual word just seems to fall into the wayside, it became less of a demographic and now it’s more of a culture and while that’s not a terrible thing, it’s not a good thing.

It’s kinda like how back in the day, if a white girl had a big butt, people would say “she got a little black in her”.

I mean, I’m not saying that peeps have to recite the entire line of Vash Stampede’s full name or remember every character used in the intermission of Kurosawa’s “Seven Samurai” but at least say more than “I watched Dragon Ball Z when I was a kid” to be one.

I’m a little stung because nowadays, I see people who claim to be Nerds display some of the worst qualities like Homophobia, Racism and just being a bully.

I, myself, am guilty of shunning female cosplayers because of their choices of who they want to cosplay but I’ve already expressed my grievance at the real problem of that some time ago. Even then, I just refuse to even look at them because even though I’m open minded enough to welcome every concept, I can honestly say I don’t want to give any of my time to a thirst trap.

Why do I feel like I’m better than most, though?

Because I just ignore them, I don’t run up to them and be like YOU’RE A SLUT, OH MY GOD, GO HOME, WHY ARE YOU DRESSED LIKE THIS, HOE! GO FUCK YOUR TEN BOYFRIENDS, RAWWWWR!

Because even though I don’t like their bootyshorts or their large cleavages or their “hey boys look at me” outfits, I can at least admit that they did do a good job on their cosplays even though I’m not a fan of thirst traps.

Meanwhile if you get a guy dressed as a woman, you got grown ass men terrified of that very concept to a point of wanting to ridicule and demean that person as if they did something wrong.


The same treatment that Nerds got in the early-to-mid nineties just for wearing glasses or not having the right clothes.

I mean, real nerds know that something as simple as a guy in woman’s clothing (or a woman in men’s clothing) ┬áhas been going on for a long time and isn’t really something worth making someone’s life hell about.
I guess now’s a bad time to mention that Poison has a penis, huh?

I dunno, I’m just ranting at this point but the fact is that it seems like pretty much anyone that think watching a few episodes of Anime about a decade ago makes them a nerd and then those people go into the community and with their “nerdguise” try to normalize the behavior that’s unbecoming of a nerd.

I mean, it’s one thing to disagree on a certain concept like which anime is better or which character can beat another character in a fight (which, the more I think about it, the more I hate that kind of question) but it’s an entirely different thing to just bash things and insult people simply because “it’s funny” or a lame concept like “being honest”.

I’m looking at you, Black Nerds.

Not everything you disagree with deserve a damn roast session because if you ever grew up being roasted on (like I have, mercilessly) you’d know how much that treatment sucks no matter how “honest” or “up-front” or whatever excuse you want to throw out there you’re being.

I’m just saying that my belief of the overall idea about being a Nerd is that you’re smart enough to explain things that most don’t understand and nice enough to understand struggle just well enough to empathize with someone who’s on the verge of receiving the same treatment.

There’s a big difference between “I’m not hurting anyone!” and “Am I hurting someone?” that only a nerd could figure out.


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