What I already know about you if you’re against kneeling…

Look, as mentioned before, I’m not a fan of getting political but the older I get, the more aware I am of stuff around me.

We’re back on the subject of kneeling during the anthem thing and what’s even crazier is that now, more people are starting to get on this.

But every movement is bound to have detractors and I’m gonna point them out and explain why these people are probably the worst people  you’ll ever encounter.

They pass blame.

If they ain’t blaming “liberals” or “Obama”, they’re blaming the people that were killed by cops for every excuse they can think of.

I’m not gonna expand on why it’s totally fucked up to blame the victim but the whole thing that bothers me about blaming Obama, “the Left” or “liberals” or whatever is that currently, the dreaded Left is NOT in any control or power or authority. Since Trump’s been in office, the Right has been the guys in charge and things are still fucked up.

It’s like the dog blaming the cat for taking a shit in someone’s shoes when there is no cat.

They’re hypocrites.

Protesting a statue of a member of domestic terrorists that racially motivated a national Civil War to the point where you’re unabashedly not ashamed of killing Heather Heyer in the process is somehow a much better than protesting possible racially motivated murder by people that’s supposed to enforce the law with as little bloodshed as possible.

If you honestly believe that, you’re probably gonna be real mad when one of your kids marry someone outside their race.

They’re Ignorant

People are so quick to talk about the Veterans or the actual flag as if they’re actually being harmed in some way and this is disgusting because it has NOTHING to do with veterans (unless veterans are also getting shot to death by cops too) but let’s just take a minute to remember that when the black soldiers came from Vietnam, Germany or any other country we decided to fuck with, they were still “n—-rs” who were apparently still not worth a good googlyfuck.

Some weren’t hired for good jobs.

Some weren’t given a good home to live in.

Some were killed just for having the gall to be around white people but somehow we’re supposed to just forget about all that because “Murica is amazing and racism died when Obama became President.

There’s always a few who are actually aware of the whole “protesting a fucked up justice system that systematically kills black people” but just want to scream “comply, don’t die” as if a cop didn’t choose to shoot a black man who was on his back with his hands up just so he wouldn’t have to shoot an autistic child with a toy.

It’s Obama’s fault

Because Dumservatives STILL can’t get Obama’s big multiracial dick out of their mouths, they’re quick to somehow bring him into this.

And you know what, I kinda agree.

If Obama hadn’t been President, the residential racists would have been pretty tame but then he goes on to become President and the racists get rampant and shit like Dumb Donald happens.

Either way, this whole #TakeTheKnee is easily the most easiest game of #FindTheRacist I ever seen because it has nothing to do with the troops or the actual flag so stop using that excuse.

It’s not about “disrespecting Veterans” or even about the Flag, it’s about calling to attention the fact that there are cops out here that are doing some dirty shit and not getting in any actual trouble for it because half of the population think they’re justified SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY’RE COPS.

I’m not saying that there aren’t any good cops but when you live in a nation where bad cops actually facing repercussions for being bad is damn near a dime a dozen, that’s something that SHOULD HAVE BEEN addressed considering how cops have raped, planted drugs and fucking murdered people while people champion them or ignore them completely and now WITH THE PRESIDENT’S APPROVAL.

I’m not telling you to take the knee but understand what it means and stop using bullshit excuses like veterans, flags or America because of a cop shoots a black veteran, you’d say he was a “criminal” or “on crack” or something.

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