Life Update: Loomin’

So I got fired from Little Caesar’s on the third.

It wasn’t completely undeserved and I applaud Connie for sticking with me for that long despite me having another job that sorta took up the majority of my week.

I mean, I wasn’t the biggest fan of that job but I’d rather them fire me than me quitting because, I haven’t quit a job in about a decade and I didn’t want to come across as someone that didn’t want to work but thankfully, I sorta foresaw this and applied for another job (conveniently within the same shopping center) at Party City a few weeks ago.

More than likely, I’m looking at more hours there but it’s a different type of Retail position than what I’m used to. Instead of pushing carts outside the store, I’m gonna be doing stuff actually inside the store which is pretty much the one thing I rarely did in the past decade.

But on the good foot, women are the majority of the personell there so if I was a lizard brained butt chaser that didn’t care about the relationship status of women that are possibly a generation younger than me, I’d be all “zing” about it.

In about a week, I’ll be 29 years old and if you had asked me a decade ago where I’d see myself at 29, I probably would have never said “working two jobs in two different cities, struggling to find a home to live in once my cousin kicks me out someplace in Central California…before December”.

Every birthday, I’m forced to look back at some of my worst shortcomings and it tends to eat me alive for a few weeks.

But I figure now’s a good time to address some positives.

In the past year, I managed to turn a negative into a positive in multiple ways. I got fired from Home Depot and managed to meet both Booker T and Rey Mysterio a few days afterwards.

I managed to get fired from Little Caesars and get some savin’ money from their final check.

And even though I’m probably gonna be living in the car for a short while, I’m gonna more than likely have money saved while paying off the car I have while that credit score rises up.

Finally, I’m in California, so once I have my money situated, there’s a pretty good chance that I’ll finally get a chance to at least check out Los Angeles at least once while I’m here and see what all the hype’s about.

I mean, the way I see it, despite all the negativity that’s coming my way with the looming feeling of despair rearing it’s ugly head.

I still have a job so I can continue to work on paying off the car.

I’m on the verge of finishing these computer courses so that’s at least one thing I can say I actually accomplished.

Plus, I’m losing weight.

I got here weighing 190-something in January and I’ve gotten down to like…180, 179 in the course of six months.

I mean, most of it is because I have been eating less but I’ve also been exercising.

The goal now is to be able to be a wrestler once I pay off the car, and if things go the way that they should, I should have the car paid off a little earlier than next December.

I already have a plan how I’m going to do it, I just need to do a lot of investing and since I’m already kinda good at suffering, that part may be a bit easier than I expect it to be.

This is me thinking positive.


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