Life Update: Yup, this gonna be a long one

In a few days, I’ll be 29 years old and I’m not even excited.

I haven’t had a good birthday in years so I can’t even think about what it’d even feel like to have one.

I mean, I work on my birthday but it doesn’t count as holiday pay so meh.

I mean, I’m in California but I haven’t left Kings County (Hanford and Lemoore) since I got here and I haven’t even seen Los Angeles yet but hopefully if I can manage to keep the job at both Spud’s and Party City, I can pay off the car quick enough to at least drive there one day.

I’d like to think I’m almost done with the online courses but from what a friend told me, the certification that I’m going for won’t get me too far in the industry I’m trying to get into (Information Technology Security) but at this point, just having the books will do me good in the future when I have time to actually read them and take notes and such.

I just realized that Central California is heavily Conservative and the neighborhood I’m in is like chock full of veterans. I figured that out the hard way when I decided to take a stroll around the neighborhood at like 9pm while reading up on stuff on my phone.

What kinda bugged me was that I’m taking the walk and I’m guessing that some people thought about doing a night time party for their kids in their front yard so you have the dads outside leaning up against their cars that’s conveniently parked along the sidewalk so to not bug them, I just walked around their cars and kept it moving. I’m literally a block away from these guys and one of them goes “GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!” and in my brain, I’m like “c’mon man, you really had to say that to me when I’m a block away from you? It’s not like I’m stopping and staring or anything”.

~sigh~ Conservatives.

Either way, in my spare time, I try to learn a little bit about Credit and the more I dive into it, the more I realize that Credit is just begging for money. I mean, from all standpoints, it just seems like you’re asking someone richer than you to give you money to buy things and then pay them back and somehow this is the biggest deal of practically any American citizen and credit score is kind of a key factor in our lives but when homeless people do it, it’s a problem.

I understand it’s not the actual loan but the rate as which it’s paid back but it’s still kinda screwed up that the overall process is simply “we don’t earn enough to get something, so can you just buy us the thing and we just pay you back?” just seems kinda jacked up to me because at the end of the day, rather than having to do that, you’d think that they’d just sell the house for cheap…..never mind.

Either way, once I pay off this $8735.09 car, it bumps up my credit score by some so that’s something to look forward to.

The car is going to have to be a big priority since there’s a possibility I’m going to be living in it for the next few months (if not the entire next year while trying to pay it off).¬† Judgment Day is December 1 and my cousin is getting used to distancing me (using the hall bathroom even though he has a bathroom in his room, telling me to park across the street from the house, having me put all my things in the car so as to not distract the potential movers into his home) so I’m pretty sure once December 1 come around, he’s probably heck bent on telling me “today’s the day, cuz, goodbye and good luck” and probably won’t feel bad about it since he recommended I quit my two jobs and just move back to Baton Rouge.

And this is what I wanted to expand on.

Y’see, because I like to consider myself a decent person, I decided to show him my balance left on the car that started off $12,333 six months ago which demonstrated that my next actual payment isn’t due until June (or July) of next year. So his suggestion is pretty much to just hold off on payments until then which would be a great suggestion if interest didn’t stack up on it on what seems like the daily basis.

Then he managed to assume that I’m spending 90% of my money towards the car (which ain’t true) and further assumes that because I’m focusing more on paying off the car than finding a place to live (which would just borderline triple my expenses) that I pretty much deserves to be homeless because I’m not saving money on getting a place to live (which I actually am, I just don’t earn enough to save that much).

You should hear this fucker go on about how I’m spending “all” my money on the car like I’m somehow making more than $400 a check¬† on a part time job.

What kills me about him recommending I go back to Baton Rouge is that he forgets that I’m working already which means I’m already earning money to try to get myself situated and should I just pack up and move back to Baton Rouge like he wants, it’ll not only stop my income (that I literally can’t afford to do) but it’ll take me an even longer time to gain back with the evacuees coming in from both Texas and Florida looking for work too.

I mean, my cousin has pretty much showed me that he’s like the leader of the Dicks and Assholes Club but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised considering how fucked up my bloodline is as an entirety.

On the good foot, I joined a Black Nerd group on Facebook and as mentioned before it’s like 60% Black, 40% Nerd so on top of funny science memes, fandom discussions (and wars) and your occasional math problem, there’s also the annoying Thirst Posts (I’m-a rant about that later) and supposed shaming that I just don’t agree with.

“But Manny, you claim that some people can’t be nerds”

“Yup, Nerds can’t be bullies too, I refuse to believe that and there’s no justification for it. You can’t shame a person who’s been barefoot their entire lives because they can’t tie shoes”

but I’m steering off course.

I’m thinking about making my homelessness a show or something once I get the hang of editing and if nothing important of mines get stolen or I get killed for being a homeless black man (It is America, after all).

Here’s to hoping.

Meh, at least I’ll be in okay shape between now and then.

Also, Attack on Titan is pretty cool (Ch. 76 or something)



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