I like Naoki Urasawa’s 20th Century Boys

So a long time ago, I was talking to some know-it-all guy and he recommended this series to me.

Now, bear in mind, this is my review so I will spoil some things.

Now, even though I didn’t watch or read Monster (I plan to, don’t worry), I was remotely familiar with Naoki Urasawa simply because of his art style that at the time I thought was weird.

Like, I know that Urasawa has some cerebral plots but I thought a lot of his work was unfinished and I don’t wanna be waiting for three new chapters in the course of the next two years.

But I buckled down and started reading the series and thanks to life circumstances, I took a break from it halfway through only to get back on it enough to finish it Sept. 29.

The actual plot is pretty simple, a kid’s game turned deadly.

A group of kids get together and play games together in a secret hideout and pretty much made it the ol’ “heroes vs. villains” concept.

One “friend” took the game a little too seriously and tried to re-enact it for real. So if the kids were like “the bad guy would blow up a plane”, the guy went to great lengths to literally blow up a plane when they got older.

The concept is realistic so there’s not like any superpowers here unless you count being able to play tricks on people to get them to think you’re dead.

Either way, the series takes a dark turn when you find out that there’s a disease going rampant causing people to literally drain all their blood out of their body with FRIEND (the bad guy’s name) coming in as the savior to humanity who found the cure.

FRIEND is soon given the throne to the world and kinda rules with an iron dick.

FRIEND is not a good guy by any means and his means to help people is to simply kill them.

Knock knock, who’s there, obvious plot twist that FRIEND was the one shilling out the disease all along.

Either way, anyone who’s woke enough to find out that FRIEND was a phony turned up dead some kind of way.

Except for the kids that kinda planned it in the first place.

Blood draining disease, check.

Blown up airplane, check.

Giant Robot…

Yeah, and this is where things get nuts and makes Endo Kenji (the leader of the Club) apparently a terrorist during the event dubbed “Bloody New Year’s Eve”

This story speaks to me because it starts out being all about Kenji, then it explains more abut Kenji’s niece, then Kenji’s friend, Yoshitsune and then, Maruo (who I thought was Mariah…hey, tough times change people)…I mean, the story re-explains the past like a BUNCH of times and you find yourself being happy that it does.

There’s like no time for romance or any of that bullshit because the world’s in ruins because it’s ran by a petty madman with the mindset of a child and the only person that can save it is apparently presumed dead for what seems like the past sixteen years.

I could get into the plot and spoil the whole thing for you and you’d still be confused about the actual plot because it goes into a LOT of detail to explain to you that shit’s fucked up and that all we need to do is go chill out someplace.

What’s kinda scary is how a few things in the manga sorta actually happened but i have a habit of overthinking things so it’s mostly coincidence.

Also, this makes me cry whenever I see a picture of John Lennon, now.

If you read the ENTIRE manga, you’ll understand why.


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