White Privilege

Y’know, since Trump’s been President, White Supremacy has kinda been a big deal.

I mean, whether it’s Richard Spencer saying “heil Trump” that one time or that time Trump defended the Nazis and KKK directly after decrying them THREE DAYS AFTER A NAZI/KLAN Rally that resulted in the death of Heather Heyer and multiple injuries to others.

But the big thing about White Supremacy that a lot of people love to talk about is White Privilege and how it may or may not exist.

Listen, the entire concept of “White Privilege” is simple.

If a White person and a Minority (black, native, asian, mixed race, whatevs) were to do the same exact thing the exact same way at the exact same time and the white person is given just a little extra on his reward, that’s white privilege.

Now, the common arguments is how some white people don’t have privilege and while that’s debatable depending on the circumstances, it’s still worth pointing out that we do live in a system that intends to benefit white people just a little more than anyone else. Case in point, Trump getting elected.

Look, as a black person, I want to say right now that I don’t think you’re a terrible person for just being white, that’s the dumbest thing to assume from any perspective, if you benefit from White Privilege, you should, you’re White, it’s in the fucking name.

The problem is that the people that actually do benefit from it just immediately assume that there isn’t any privilege involved at all and that people are just overreacting from the comparison.

Look, the problem with White privilege is that in the hiring room, if someone is looking through the lists of “who to hire” and chooses “Percy” over “Raquan” even though they’re both equally qualified, then you have to wonder exactly why Percy was hired and because questions like that are almost never answered, we have to go to the most obvious solution because it’s too gaping to ignore.

If you have a problem with people claiming white privilege, then do something about it like help your fellow man so that they know that while the system is against them, you as a human being aren’t.

And please, stop saying that the system isn’t against anyone. If a group of black people started walking down the street in matching clothes with tiki torches, it’d be a massacre and you know it.

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