Life Update: Feelin’ crappy

So after work yesterday, my cousin decided to confirm my impending homelessness by requesting his house key.

So this is gonna be a “my cousin is a much worse person than me” entry.

If there’s one thing I learned from all this is that I can’t rely completely on family. Everyone kinda has their own life to live and really can’t handle the stress of helping out someone else. I don’t have a “rich uncle” I can turn to when shit hits the fan and in all honesty, on my mom’s side of the family, my grandma is practically the literal foundation of our family and once she moves on to her final rest, the family will probably be in complete disarray.

When I got here, my cousin has apparently been divorced for about as long as his baby girl has been born. So, he was the roamer from that perspective and going from place to place to keep himself steady. I guess when he came back here with me, the burden of having two houses and two cars while not working just started to weigh on him.

I mean, I try my hardest to not be a burden.

Heck! When I got my job, I was barely in the house and when I was it was mostly to go to sleep or switch clothes. Two jobs mean a lot less off days, y’know (hell, I gotta go to work in four hours and I technically just woke up).

I mean, on top of having to pay for the car’s note and insurance while stalling on paying for school (bruh, I dread looking at that account number, I know I owe at least 12K to them and that’s with deferments).

So my cousin sees my struggling and four months after getting my car in April, he tells me “you got ’til January until you find yourself a place to live”, which ultimately became “you got ’til December”.

I griped about this before but what makes me mad is how he’s preparing me for this kinda thing while making me pay him for the car he claim he didn’t buy for me (“you bought it for yourself, man because you need a car”) simply because he didn’t want me using one of his cars to take myself to work (which is in the next town over, need I remind anyone).

Then it started becoming nuances in the house.

Like, for a while, he was working on one of his cars and just told me that from now on, I park my car across the street. I haven’t parked in the driveway for weeks and coming back to the house at like 9-10pm just to park on the curb (I think that’s a curb) to have some of the nightwalkers give me weird looks like “why he parking there” only to see me walk to the house across the street with no car on the driveway (Cuz parks inside the garage).

Then there’s the whole “using the hall shower” instead of the one in his room. I mean, it’s like “you have your own bathroom and you insist on using the only one in the house I can use”. I’m overthinking it but meh.

I feel so disgusted with myself too now because I work at Party City still and yesterday,  we were throwing away the old Halloween costumes (I should have kept that big bowtie) and I tried to get my manager to put on a cat tail and I didn’t even think about it. My manager is well endowed in the backside region and that came off as more perverted than it should have and she reminded me that that could be considered sexual harassment.

Like, I still feel terrible about it even after I apologized.

Gonna be awkward seeing her next time I gotta work after making a “rich guy” comment at her.

Yeah, from now on, I’m calling any form of uneasy sexual advances a “rich guy”.

And I’m gonna try to do a lot less rich-guying.

It’s a stretch but I’m gonna try to make that into a verb.


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