I like School but…

Look, I love learning and I love the fact that school actually pertains to three ways of learning: audio, visual and kinetic but there’s too much wrong with schools nowadays like

First of all, I hate the idea of measuring knowledge for the sake of competition. I understand rewarding smart kids but at the same time, you’re kinda shitting on the kids that are perceived as “dumber” which can be a pain in the ass.

Knowledge is subjective and can’t really be measured (is it off of the retaining of information or the ability to gather information or both?) so to shill this belief that “smarter people are better” kinda leads to this shitstorm of a response for those that aren’t “smart”.

Sometimes it’ll be positive like the people that become successful after dropping out of school in a way of saying “I’ll show them, they’ll see” (shout out to Stevie Richards).

Sometimes it’ll be negative and kick off anti-intellectualism (like the Republican party), which can be met with snobbish “smart” people feeling like they can mistreat those that they believe are beneath them.

I’m not saying that school is the direct cause of anti-intellectualism or superiority complexes but I am saying that from my perspective, the concept of “grading” kinda kills self esteem after I go through an entire week studying just to get a C simply because I missed 10/25 questions on the big test.

I mean, that’s still fifteen things I knew from the test and at least five I knew well enough to be completely sure about.

Then there’s the aspect of speed.

I’m slow.

I hate the fact that I am but I gotta admit it and while practice makes perfect, I’ll admit that I’m a slacker and a procrastinator but if given my own time to do things rather than a deadline to finish something, I’d like to think that I get a better grasp on things.

Like right now, I’m taking online courses on Cyber Security, a subject I knew nothing about prior to applying for it and I didn’t go into thinking “this finna be a breeze” (seriously, I wish I was as clever as Haha Davis) and the classes are simply “learn three chapters worth of information in the course of a week” which isn’t that hard to do if I didn’t have jobs and wasn’t easily distracted.

I mean, if I had time to actually read the book like how I want to, I’d probably do a lot better but it was like that since I started months ago and all it did was get more and more difficult.

Acronyms scare me.

But what I’m saying is that the whole “let’s gauge how quickly you can process and retainĀ  a wall of text in the course of an hour and then judge accordingly” concept is more of a neutering than actually helpful.

I mean, I do better just learning on my own and even that took forever to actually pick up on because a lot of people have no idea exactly how to learn.

Which brings to my last gripe about schools.

There’s no actual way to teach someone how to actually learn or empathize or just simply be human.

Hell, we don’t learn ethics until like high school even though with the political climate being as intense as it is, you’d be surprised how many middle schoolers are more than prepared for that.

Like people are just expected to go to class and know how to gather the information.

When I was going to school, kids were TERRIFIED of asking questions when they didn’t know something because of the fear that the other kids would ridicule them despite not understanding either.

The fact that lessons in learning and empathy aren’t brought to the forefront for children to understand is kinda motivating the climate for them to grow up being caricatures of every negative feeling they can muster since ignorance brings hostility which is just the thing that chaos needs.

I like school, I like learning and I love the idea of going to a place to be able to learn new things but I don’t like failing or being compared unfavorably to someone else because I’m a little slower on the draw than that person is.

I’m not blaming teachers or faculty but I am blaming the system. We need to teach kids empathy and how to learn, modify grading so that it seems less like you’re trying to make people feel stupid and offer alternative ways of learning rather than the whole “classroom” settings.

Some people learn better when isolated with a one-on-one approach, and others are just good with taking notes out of a book.

Schools are great but broken and need to be fixed because we got people in their fifties that can’t spell and those people vote.


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