“It’s okay to be white”

Who said it wasn’t?

Y’know what I really hate about the race discussion the most?

The fact that it’s so easy to stop.

It’s pretty simple, treat everyone fairly.

Regardless of any difference, be it genetic or aesthetic, treat everyone fairly.

The fact that it’s 2017 and we still rely on hating anything is screwed up.

Just because something is different doesn’t necessarily make it wrong.


The lack of empathy that we have in this nation is terrifying.

If you’re hurting someone, you don’t get to say that you aren’t, just find a way to change it so that you stop or at least acknowledge that you are hurting someone.

With that being said, white people being white doesn’t hurt me in any way. It’s a skin color, not a way of life and has never been under siege as long as there’s been an “America” (whatever that actually is).

Like, in American history, I’ve never heard of any white churches getting firebombed or any white people getting hanged in America just for being white while the entire government look the other way.

Like even now, the few times I’ve heard of a cop that wasn’t white killing a white person has always managed to put that cop under some kind of fire (no pun intended). There’s no talks of a paid leave, that cop is going to court and is gonna be put under the sword or serve jail time.

See, the problem here is that most angered white men are seeing everyone else cry foul about what’s going on and in typical old school invader fashion, want to be a part of the action.

It’s not about any genuine concern for their people.

They just want to be part of the group and then ultimately become the group and what better outrage is there for stupid people than “EVERYONE ELSE IS TARGETING US BECAUSE WE’RE THE BEST IN THE WORLD! WE NEED TO PRESERVE OURSELVES!” which, to me, isn’t a bad thing when you’re trying to harness whatever culture you may have like I dunno, stuff with tobacco and beer or something but when you say “MAKE LIFE MISERABLE FOR EVERYONE THAT AIN’T US” because that’s your “history”, then don’t get mad when everyone else has a problem with that.

No one is saying that you don’t work hard, I’m personally just tired of being told by you that I don’t.

No one is saying that you don’t have a reason to be upset, I’m personally saying that you don’t have THAT MUCH  of a reason to be as upset as you are.

No one is saying that they’re going to do anything to hurt you, they just want to be able to get the same help that for a while was exclusive only to you.

No one is saying that White Privilege is bad, but I’m personally saying that it’s high time that you actually acknowledge that this IS a thing.

No one is saying that it’s not okay to be white, I’m personally saying take your head out of your ass and see exactly how exactly not okay it is to be a person that isn’t.

Take your eyes off the TV and actually talk to a black person in your community and take away this bullshit stigma that you have that we’re all these lazy crackheads that live off welfare or whatever kinda retardedness that FOX news managed to cook into your mind that you just can’t seem to let go of.

Because I’ve hung out and broke bread with a lot of people of all races and I personally don’t believe that every white person is a loud, racist, illiterate, chaw-spittin’, overweight idiot that likes guns and hates other poor people..and I’m from the south, that’s kinda the stereotype that other white people have pushed about them.

I mean, let’s be real, y’all STILL have the Ku Klux Klan, if you honestly can’t see the privilege in that, you’re completely not trying to.


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