Here’s what I already know about you if you still support Trump

As much as I hate typing about politics (which I’m gonna end up transferring to my LinkedIn Blog), I figure with the new year coming, it’s time to reflect on this bagged shit what the corporate overlords left at the White House and the ants and flies that seem to love it so much.

Trump himself is not a terrible person, his supporters are the ones we, as a nation, need to watch out for so here’s my assessment of his brain dead supporters.

And no, I will not be nice about it.

You’re not that smart.

If you can provide me with a paragraph documenting everything you think Obama did wrong but can’t tell me what you want taxes to actually pay for, what religious freedom actually is or anything about the doomsday bunker that the rich people are creating, it’s obvious that you’re 100% devoted to Donald Trump, regardless of what he does or says. That whole “shooting someone and retaining voters” comment is sad but true.

If Obama had went out and just shot someone randomly, I would never support him again but if Trump did it, you’d give him a medal for being a “real American” and that’s sad.

You’re a hypocrite

You whine about the apparent grievances that taxpayers have to undergo (not knowing that a lot of the people on welfare have jobs which means they also pay taxes) and then go on to vote for a guy that says that he doesn’t pay taxes because he’s smart.

I especially want to throw the female Trump supporters under the bus for this one because for a LONG time, the same women who really seem to go up in arms about other women’s sex lives and borderline obsessed with abortion just enough to say that they’re “against” it really seemed to go out of their way to vote for an adulterous egomaniac that admitted to sexual assault.

You’re probably racist

If your reason for voting for Trump is because “Obama started the biggest racial split in America”, then you’re literally admitting that you voted for Trump because Obama wasn’t white.

All Obama did was be President while not being white and that sent y’all into a frenzy because while Obama not being white may have come off as he would seem more sympathetic to black people, he really wasn’t. He didn’t say “I only want health care for just black people”, as a matter of fact, he didn’t say anything about helping ONLY black people.

Meanwhile just yesterday, Trump has apparently said that all Haitians “have aids” and Nigerians “live in huts” while also saying that there should be a “ban”  on Muslims and that’s not even scratching the surface of what he said about Mexican immigrants (Hint being something about rapists and murderers and drug dealers).

All while trying to justify Nazis and White supremacists (“What about the alt-left?”) three days after a possible riot between people that like racism and nazis and people who don’t. By the way, Heather Heyer was killed after being hit by a car during that riot.

Trump consider “some” of those Nazis to be “very fine people” but kneeling football players that are protesting police brutality (that affects everyone, not just black people) are “sons of bitches”.


You’re lying to yourself

Not too long ago, I had a conversation with an “evangelical” who believed that Trump was in some way “saving” Christianity because it was under attack and as I’ve said before, that’s a load of bullshit.

Christianity, being white, being Republican, being Male and heterosexuality has NEVER been under attack.


If you can proudly proclaim your Christianity wherever you go and PEOPLE ACTUALLY AGREE WITH YOU, you’re not in any danger meanwhile a brown man walks around with a turban and is harassed for being “Muslim” and something about Sharia Law (which, by the way, if I’m not mistaken is similar to Christianity’s ten commandments).

Try being a guy in a dress or just be sitting outside on your front porch and smoke some weed and see if you don’t get harassed, arrested or killed (if you’re a minority).

Literally the richest person in the world is a white, American male that’s probably a nay-theist (a Christian that ain’t too spiritual) with a wife and y’all still feel like you’re under attack because you heard a brown person speak a different language once while shopping at Target.


You’re apathetic

I remember growing up hearing the phrase “think about the children” and that would be the thing that would kinda motivate people to do all these ridiculous things like ban video games and types of music and all that.

But no one stops to think about the children as creative budding aspiring people that will soon grow up to have their own brains, they want kids to be like robots and follow a routine that seemingly won’t fail without question.

And as a kid, I wanted to follow a routine to prosperity and then I realized that this routine actually is a little bit failed and only benefits a few.

I’m saying this because when I opened my eyes to how fucked up the system actually is, I decided to try to start thinking for myself and instead of following a routine, I’d start doing my own thing.

It may not work but at least I’d feel more like a person in the process.

I’m saying this to say that with Trump being in office, no one can actually say how Trump’s presidency impacted them positively on a personal level but are willing to do the copypasta about how Trump “improved the stock market” (unless you’re involved in stock, this actually means nothing for you) which can be proven false.

At this point, you don’t care that your party was hijacked by greedy racist pedophiles, you’re just a voter that thinks you’ work in the Federal Government and those guys are gonna show you with the quickness that you’re not.

THERE’S A BUNKER FOR RICH PEOPLE PREPARING FOR DOOMSDAY THAT YOU’RE NOT PART OF! If that doesn’t get your dumass to wake up, nothing will.

Your kid’s damaged future is your fault.

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