Why I’d get a sex doll

You heard me.

Okay, in the past year, sexbots have turned from a pipedream to an internet hot button and for good reason.

They’ve evolved.

Picture of evolved sex doll
Have you seen these damn things lately?

When I said that I’m considering getting something like this, you can imagine the shitstorm I summoned in the process.

A bunch of angry dudes talking about some “it ain’t real” this and “you may as well jack off” that and all this crap about how many women they can have sex with.

Look, at no point am I recommending that everyone get a sex doll nor am I actually intending on getting the sex doll but after a LONG time of denying sex simply because it was unobtainable, I finally get a chance to actually do it.

I mean, the choice is pretty simple.

Either get rejected a couple billion more times or have as much sex as I want.

First off, I’m all about consent and the way things are looking, women are consenting to not wanting to fuck with me, both aesthetically and literally and with these bots starting to surface, I’m starting to be okay with that.

You call it “lazy” but I call it “exhausted” and until you’ve been to the rejection section as long as I have, you can’t tell me jack sprat about any of that.

The way I see it, this is the closest I’m gonna get to a woman actually giving me a shot because there’s no way that I could fuck it up.

Dudes talking about shit being “real” like women are just throwing they pussy at me while screaming “FUCK THIS!”.

When in reality, I was on dating apps for months dry as a bone and no matter how I tell it, the reason is almost always gonna get turned down is because I was somehow this terrible person with a bad attitude and bad confidence while Fuckboy McCoy’s best quality is that he’s beaming with confidence while being an obvious fuckboy, which from what I used to expect, was a bad thing.

But apparently not terrible enough to just quit entirely and work towards the sex doll.

Like I’m a simple guy, I’m just looking for a woman that I can get along with who’d fuck me a lot.

That’s it.

And then it goes into this whole conversation about “oh, you just looking for sex” because they blatantly ignore the whole “getting along with me” part.

Like, I’m not looking for a chunky ass thirst trap curve queen bot material that just turned 18 on Instagram to stalk me every ten seconds because she “miss” me.

I’m just looking for a woman that’ll actually see past all the terrible shit that everyone else claims me to be and see that I’m just a dude that work a lot that likes reading stuff.

And until she comes to me (because I’m not gonna go through the rejection conveyor belt looking for her), I’ll stick with my bot because apparently according to every person ever, Sex is that big of a deal.


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