Life Update: I’m poor as fuck…


So apparently, I got a raise on my last check after a pay period chock full of just…hellaciousness.

Is that a word?

Fuck it, it is now.

So my current job is that I wash dishes at the bar on base and two of our guys just quit so while it looks like there’s five dishwashers, there’s maybe like four of us and as simple as the job sounds, it takes two people to knock out that whole freakin’ job in the strain of four hours on a busy day.

So take away those two and have me work by myself, which kinda sucks but since I’m used to how bad things are, I can kinda tolerate it for the time being because I’m not on THAT thin of ice.

Plus in my spare time, I’m studying up on the Comptia A+ test (I failed it last time so I figured now’s as good as time as ever to get at least ONE certification for a better job).

But the good news is I got a raise on my check which means I figure I could save more money, right?

No, bruh.

The same time I got my check, the insurance place apparently forgot to withdraw their money that they needed out of my account.

My dumb ass figured they did and I still had some money left over (which I put into the car: $6,500), next thing I know, I get a call from the insurance company saying I got until the sixth to pay over $200 to renew my policy and that’s not even counting the other $200+ that I gotta put into registration so I’m at the most gotta find a way to drum up $500 before the sixth or I’m further fucked than I already am.

My paycheck is like, maybe the eighth.

Positively thinking though, I finished my taxes and I’m getting at least enough back to shave off a few payments from this car.

The goal at this point is to keep my head above water financially just enough to pay off the car, invest in just enough to leave California and either go to Texas for Reality of Wrestling training or Georgia to live with my old roommates, who may have rekindled their love for creating things again.

But on the good foot, I’m passing the time by doing more reading, I’m a sucker for shopping store magazines and got two National Geographic articles, one about the human brain and another one about working out, haven’t even cracked those open yet because a friend of mine introduced me to Lady Mechanika which I love (I’ll probably review that later).

Either way, I know what I gotta do, I just need to keep my head above water just to be able to handle everything.

My mom informed me this morning that my uncle lost his fight with cancer. I haven’t been in Baton Rouge in the past year so I have no clue how aggressive it was but he never struck me as someone who had cancer so it’s pretty disheartening that that’s the case. I just hope his twin brother and my mom are okay. It hurts losing someone that close but I’m just happier that where he is, he don’t have to endure this world anymore. So sleep sweet, Uncle Bang.

Here’s to another day.


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