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The Hotep Hustle

Okay, it’s no secret that America is racist as hell and that there’s a lot of injustices that we need to address and actually make strides to solving.

Enter the Foteps

Now, for those that have no clue what a Hotep is, the idea of a Hotep is someone that’s in some way awakened to the deeper meaning of things and are, in a way, more aware of their surroundings.

Those are not the people I’m referring to when I talk about the Hotep hustle.

The people I’m referring to, I dub, “Foteps”.

Foteps are the people that take the message that the Hoteps try to send out and bastardize it to cover their own agenda.

Now, I’ll agree that in America, there is a string of racism in the nation that not only needs to be addressed but handled in a proper way but I won’t believe that life sucks ONLY for black people.

The way the Foteps talk, you’d think that every white person is living in a mansion in the suburbs off their ancestor’s money.

I’m from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, if you go just a few miles that’a-way, you’re bound to see a few homeless White people that may or may not be a little high off of whatever they have just bought with some beggar money.

Are you aware that “Florida Man” is a thing?

I personally will not deny that black people are suffering but what I won’t do is make misery a competition because at this point now, life kinda sucks for everyone that isn’t rich.

Another gripe I have with Foteps is how apparently, they’re supposed to be the people in charge of what’s “black” and what isn’t.

When I was growing up, being Black was just a skin color that you were born with inherited by your parents but suddenly now there’s rules to it that while no one has officiated or written, somehow, every black person has to follow.

Here’s the kicker, if a white person does stuff that make black people black, they deserve to be shunned because it’s not for them.

How backwards is that? You’re telling people that they have to do things to be black only to deny them because they’re white?

And nothing about this sounds even remotely similar to what White Supremacists did to Jewish people and immigrants from Europe back then, huh?

Like, according to Foteps, we need to stick up for black people unless they’re women who get too uppity, homosexuals, trans-people or people with genuinely different ways of thinking or would rather refuse the Fotep message of “be angry and do nothing”.

Which brings me to my last issue with Foteps.

The agenda.

Like, what is it that you specifically want?

The reason why I can’t get into Fotep bullshit is simply because it sounds too much like what Republicans do.

They can address a problem practically forever but the solution is almost always either aesthetic (“people need to take responsibility for their actions” with no explanation as to how) or responded to with hopelessness (“there is no answer to the problem”) or completely radical bullshit like wanting to kill/enslave/jail every white person ever.

At no point is there ever an actual solution to the problem and a lot of stuff that they’re upset about has already been handled.

There was once a thread in the “Planet EJOBN” group about the Alabama church bombing that killed four girls in which the assailants were prosecuted and sent to prison and you’d think that with all the politics that was on Facebook in the past year, someone would know about Doug Jones.

But instead of people rejoicing that the bad guys were sent away in a time where they probably shouldn’t have and the prosecutor responsible now being a Senator for Alabama, the response was “why didn’t they kill the Klan member” (which, let’s face it, he probably died in jail), “why weren’t black people more violent back then?” (which they probably were and you’d just never hear about it because racists ran the news back then).

The Fotep community seem to make the oppression in the nation more about themselves than about the people they claim to be “educating” and I think that it’s kinda bullshit because I’m in this very thread saying “It’s not about what you wanted, it’s about what the sister of one of those girls got when she could see the man responsible for her parent’s death go to jail”.

Like, I was taught that if you had a problem, you solve it and if the problem is already solved, then rejoice.

My problem with these guys is pretty simple, they think they’re some kind of scholar just because they listened to some asshole talk for an hour on the internet about how much they hate white people and gay people, and feel completely okay with talking only about white people when the word “Africa” is mentioned.

And if I’m a “coon” for not wanting to join that club, then you’re free to call me one (even though that word is also used by white people to insult us so y’all just appropriated a racist term) but I’d rather be wrong thinking for myself instead of following someone else that’s equally, if not more, wrong.

By Some Guy Named Manny

I talk words okay, not good, but okay at best.

Seriously, don't take anything I type seriously because I'll admit that I'm an opinionated biased overly wired up nutjob that have absolutely no credibility that cares not if anyone disagrees with me..

And with that, I will proceed to have my opinions as long as I have an organ in my skull capable of conveying that information in some sort of messed up way.

I will be controversial and I will say some things that some people may not like and if you wanna bitch about it, by all means go ahead, it's the internet, it's pretty easy to say that everyone's just looking for something to bitch about at this point.

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