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Batman: Eternal

I’m letting y’all know right now, this is a review and I do spoil.

So I’m traipsing around the “Comics and Graphic Novels” part of my “Libby” app because I’m obsessed with my local library and I come across “Batman: Eternal”. Now, it’s been a minute since I actually sat down and read a DC Comic series (because is a little too glitchy for me to use and all the apps to read them cost money) but MAN, I’m two volumes into Eternal and I’m tripped the heck out!

Starting off, we’re introduced to a hip, young prospect of the Gotham City Police Department, Jason Bard who was personally recommended and employed by Jim Gordon.

Bard learns the hard way that Gotham is pretty much the epitome of “crime infested” as on his first day, Jim is giving chase to Pyg (a new bad guy I never heard of prior, this dude got some issues by the way) and some other dude.

this guy got some issues

Now, Pyg deals with Batman while Gordon deals with this other guy who seems to have a gun pointed at Gordon.

Gordon does the whole “stop or I’ll shoot” routine and the guy still has the gun pointed so Gordon shoots at the guy, misses the shot and shoots at the subway terminal controls.

The resulting train crash killed a couple hundred people (including the man Gordon was pursuing).

Jason Bard had to be the one to cuff him.

Welcome to GCPD, kid.

I feel like essentially this is an introduction to specific characters like Stephanie Brown (Spoiler) and Julia Pennyworth (read later).

Fast forward, Gordon’s out, Forbes is in as new commish and you learn that Forbes hated Gordon, hates Batman and is in the hand of a returning Carmine Falcone (the Roman), who’s a total dick.

Falcone wants to rule the city again, kick Cobblepott’s ass and kill Catwoman. The problem with this is that Batman is still around knocking heads and is now working with Bard in order to oust Forbes.

While this is going on, there’s some occult stuff going on in Arkham that alerts my boy, Corrigan to check out.

For those that don’t know, I’m a big Spectre fan.

And I didn’t know who the heck Lucas Fox was prior to this so I’ll take this time to do an honorary “what’s good, Batwing” to him because at this point, I’m like “guys, we made it, there’s a black batman now”.

Who gets to join Corrigan on this quest to figure out what the heck is going on in Arkham.

By the way, you find out that in Arkham, the “Daughter of Joker” is in there up to some random shenanigans that may or may not be dealing with the occult.

Lucas is a tech genius and hates magic and considering what happens to him in this series, I can understand why.

Gonna just bring this up here, Lucas gets little time to shine in this series, it seems because he’s a tech in a magic environment so his stuff is only so useful before he’s way over his head, while one part of me is simply “why y’all gotta do that to the brotha”, another part of me is like “meh it’s the comic industry” so that sorta thing’s expected, as sad as it sounds.

While that’s going on, we’re introduced to the aforementioned Stephanie Brown, who accidentally discovers her dad is the “Cluemaster” and his origin story actually makes sense for someone as mentally effed up as me.

Y’see, “Cluemaster” started off as a game show host who ultimately lost his sh-t on the show after one of the guests jokingly kept getting the answer wrong despite him giving her a clue. You could tell he was about to lose it when you heard him say “I gave you a clue”.

Next thing, y’know, his life goes downhill and he goes into a life of crime similar to Nygma and now has to kill his daughter who trodded upon his secret (again).

Brown now dubs herself the “spoiler” and uses the internet to spoil the plans of her dad and the group that he’s part of but somehow , Cluemaster is always one step ahead (dude is pretty smart).

On the other side of things, Barbara is PISSED about how her dad got railroaded (no pun intended) and decides to don her Batgear and find answers about what happened to get Jim arrested.

Which involves some very creative ways of interrogating.

Barbara is getting so barbaric about what’s going on.

I had to..

That Bruce relies on Jason to kinda survey her behavior so she’s just not going around kicking teeth out for revenge.

While all this is going on, you find out that Tim’s been looking this independently and came across some nanobot techology that was tested on kids, one of the kids is the little brother of an equally tech savvy girl named “Harper Row” and for some reason, that name sounds familiar.

What I like about Harper is that when she went out on that one mission with Tim, she was dawning a blue version of what looked like Grifter’s mask from Wildkats.

What I don’t like about Harper is that she’s obviously gonna either date or bang Tim later and I feel like that’s just gonna put a damper on things for me because I hate romantic sideplots.

Speaking of Romantic Sideplots, In trying to find out why Falcone’s back in America (he was in Japan prior to that), Batman discovers Alfred’s daughter who’s a badass in her own regard.

In the process of bringing her back to reconcile with her dad, we find out that Julia hates Alfred simply because he apparently chose his devotion to Bruce over his own family (which may or may not have actually been the case), they start off bumpy but reconcile at some point before Alfred gets hit with some ol’ school knockout gas.

I’m not

Yup, Alfred’s black daughter. Halle Berry should don the Bob again and try for this role, maybe

Everything comes to a head in some way when you find out that this is all some elaborate ruse brought up by¬† easily one of Batman’s most heinous foes apparently.

I’m not completely done with this so I gotta end it here but maaaaaan, This gets WILD down the line. What tripped me out the wildest is that Alfred has a kid and Black Batman.

I mean, I just came across this series by chance and I’m not disappointed, it’s weird seeing no Grayson or Baby Wayne but I’m assuming that that’s just because they’re doing their own thing as Batman and Robin II someplace. It’s weird seeing Batman acknowledge Damian by the way, I was always under the impression that he didn’t even know about Damian

But yeah, this series was enjoyable and I can’t wait to finish it to spoil some more stuff.

I’m intrigued and I can’t wait to nab volume 3.

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