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Life Update: Out of Lupe’s

So for those that’s been keeping up, here’s a recap, I lost my job, lived with my cousin, got kicked out of my cousin’s in December, found myself living at this cat named Lupe’s place all while working my dishwashing job.

Until today.

Lupe does this thing where he gives his room to construction workers, they make more money so it makes sense.

Lupe’s been pretty cool but according to him, the other guys were not fans of mine. I couldn’t know for sure because I’m the type to spend all day in the room on either Facebook, E-books or something.

Like literally, all you gotta do is give me a computer, a tv and a gaming system and I’ll hole myself somewhere for a a few days only coming out for a bathroom break.

I ain’t even good at games but I’ll watch the hell out of some educational documentaries and stuff.

Like I’ve been trying to focus better so I can get the hang of some educational stuff which has been my new kink lately but it’s a work in progress. My library has recently added “The Great Courses” to the RBDigital  app so I’ve been digging the lectures. A lot of them make sense but I’ve been having a hard times streaming most of them so while I wait for that to take care of itself, I’ve been reading a lot of e-books lately.

And just like that you can sorta see while I’m normally holed up in the room while back at Lupe’s.

I can only assume that that’d make me look antisocial to the other guys but they’re older, Mexican workers who smoke and drink and my idea of a good time is watching a movie, a lecture or reading a few pages out of a good book.

In any case, Lupe told me that those guys think I’m dirty and obnoxious and apparently, I upset them in a lot of ways, which was never something I wanted to do so I took the hint and started hanging out with my friend, Corale.

And all I can say is that as of today, I’m living at Corale’s place with her, Rich and her 15 year old daughter, Grace (who may as well be my little sister now).

With $800 left on the car.

Everything is looking well at the moment, if you take out that I got the most grim text from Jay back in Georgia telling me that things are slowly starting to suck back over there and such, now he may have to leave Georgia with all signs pointing back to Louisiana.

Personally, I’m fine with him moving back to Louisiana just as long as he’s doing well but now I’m staying in California until the end of November instead of the end of October because I’m going to need money for the trip back down South which means as much as I want to help him out, I’m pounding at the glass dome at the moment.

So I’m just doing the one thing I never thought I’d do for anyone and praying that he’s okay and gets out of this okay.

By Some Guy Named Manny

I talk words okay, not good, but okay at best.

Seriously, don't take anything I type seriously because I'll admit that I'm an opinionated biased overly wired up nutjob that have absolutely no credibility that cares not if anyone disagrees with me..

And with that, I will proceed to have my opinions as long as I have an organ in my skull capable of conveying that information in some sort of messed up way.

I will be controversial and I will say some things that some people may not like and if you wanna bitch about it, by all means go ahead, it's the internet, it's pretty easy to say that everyone's just looking for something to bitch about at this point.

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