Life Update: Still In Georgia

Okay, so since the last update, I’ve gotten a job.

That’s about it.

I mean, I’ve been working and I’m in dire need of a license and new registration soon. I got my new card requested and just hope it gets in by now.

Also, I’ve been coughing a lot.

Like A WHOLE LOT. For a moment, I assumed that I had pneumonia and I was just ready for whatever the notorious G.O.D. had in store for me. It’s gotten better since then but I’m still scared shitless to breathe in too deeply because every time I do, I cough up little trickles of blood.

Outside of working and coughing, I haven’t been able to do much, my phone is apparently underpaid so bad that I can’t put money in it. I should stop being a lazyass and go to the Metro PCS store and get that taken care of.

A new roommate has entered into the home and surprisingly, I have no issue with him. The four of us are introverts by nature so we rarely see each other outside of the one day a week we all work together (and even then 3/4 of the house work at the same place). When we do see each other, it’s peaceful and lively but it ain’t often.

Short entry but there’s not to catch up on. Money still coming thanks to the job and I’m still investing in doing the wrestling thing. I just need to pay off my other expenses first and that shouldn’t take long since I’m only $425+ away.

That’s it, enjoy y’all day.

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