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Wrestling Blog: “If I wrote it”

Basically my take on the United States Championship.

For those that don’t know, I’m a wrestling fanatic and I’ve been one since like 2003.

It’s gotten so bad that I wanna be a pro wrestler now and I intend to train at Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling hopefully in December.

Now I say this because I like to think that I have an idea how to put over stuff in a pretty okay way in a segment now called “if I wrote it”.

This entry is “If I wrote the US Title”.

Remember Jack Swagger’s reign?

The United States Championship has been in limbo for quite some time and I look back on “Zeb Colter” managing The “All American” American, Jack Swagger and how RIDICULOUSLY OVER “We, The People” was (especially to the more xenophobic fans).

I bring this up because his feud with Alberto Del Rio was easily the only reign I remember and I was around to see Moxbrose win the longest reign in the recent era (I wanna say the first few months he had that title, he wasn’t even on screen but that’s another story).

Jack Swagger’s reign proves that the US Title can be WWE’s most political title and with the political climate being the way it is today, that kind of controversy is the kinda right heat needed to make this work in a big way.

Think about this, you get a stereotypical Trump supporter type character to challenge for and win the US Championship, a month or so after the win, he wants to name the title the “American Title” and demand that ONLY Americans should challenge for it, flexing on the idea that it’s too prestigious to get into “unamerican” hands. Cue challenges from wrestlers in and out of America.

That could be a start to some big things because of how he may lose.

He could be a caricature or played straight and imagine the response if he loses to a black man.

You can even bring back Zeb Colter or like have him be in a stable of like minded individuals that can basically display some of the most negative qualities of being “American”.

Since Smackdown is on Fox now, it could either motivate self reflection or simply just add on to “controversial takes on society”.

That’s just one of my ideas, WWE need to hire me.

By Some Guy Named Manny

I talk words okay, not good, but okay at best.

Seriously, don't take anything I type seriously because I'll admit that I'm an opinionated biased overly wired up nutjob that have absolutely no credibility that cares not if anyone disagrees with me..

And with that, I will proceed to have my opinions as long as I have an organ in my skull capable of conveying that information in some sort of messed up way.

I will be controversial and I will say some things that some people may not like and if you wanna bitch about it, by all means go ahead, it's the internet, it's pretty easy to say that everyone's just looking for something to bitch about at this point.

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