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7 Reasons why Defending Nazis is Bullshit

As mentioned before, I’m not a big fan of Republicans or Conservatives because at this point, they’ve managed to solidify their stances for things that are borderline cancerous on a national level

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I hate White Supremacy

Now if you’re an internet Klan members ready to spout out “Well, what about Black Supremacy”.

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Are Pornbots a conspiracy?

Now, anyone that’s ever had an account on any form of anything interactive on the internet is well¬†aware of all the advertisements and spam but there’s a much more reviled staple of the interactive internet.

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Goldberg!? You sure about that?

Look, I’m no ¬†fan of Kevin Steen by any means. I’ll acknowledge the fact that he’s a good wrestler and a great character but I never liked him.

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