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Life Update: Borrowed Time

So a recap of my current situation and an explanation of why I’m currently panicking includes

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Life Update: Day 3 of Houston

So I decided to go job hunting yesterday and I can easily say I’m going to hate Houston traffic.

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Wrestling Blog: “If I wrote it”

For those that don’t know, I’m a wrestling fanatic and I’ve been one since like 2003.

It’s gotten so bad that I wanna be a pro wrestler now and I intend to train at Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling hopefully in December.

Now I say this because I like to think that I have an idea how to put over stuff in a pretty okay way in a segment now called “if I wrote it”.

This entry is “If I wrote the US Title”.

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Life Update: So Not Much has happened

To put it lightly, not much has happpened.

Since coming to Georgia, I’ve mostly just been working. I did manage to go to bot Momo- and DragonCon and make a few friends along the way but other than that, not much has really been going on.

I have been kinda obsessing over Facebook lately since I haven’t had a laptop in a while and due to all the dust buildup, I have been trying to limit my use of the PS4 (at least until I can get some compressed air).

I still work at Oz’s for the time being and with the high turnover, I went from being one of the two main dishwashers to simply being the only dishwasher which bumped my day count from four days to six. I used to be able to enjoy the weekend and sadly, that’s no longer the case.

Jerry came back from Louisiana today after a week in which now it’s kinda official that we all gotta start making plans and investing in ways to get outta Georgia.

The plan is still to get to Georgia to wrestle in Reality of Wrestling, I’m just gonna need a place to live when I get there and considering what kinda job I know I’m more than likely gonna end up with, I’m gonna need a roommate to keep a simple apartment because I got a lotta stuff to pay for (school, car insurance, car warranty).

Good thing I got access to a laptop now because ya boy is about to get back into writing, it’s been forever.


Life Update: Still In Georgia

Okay, so since the last update, I’ve gotten a job.

That’s about it.

I mean, I’ve been working and I’m in dire need of a license and new registration soon. I got my new card requested and just hope it gets in by now.

Also, I’ve been coughing a lot.

Like A WHOLE LOT. For a moment, I assumed that I had pneumonia and I was just ready for whatever the notorious G.O.D. had in store for me. It’s gotten better since then but I’m still scared shitless to breathe in too deeply because every time I do, I cough up little trickles of blood.

Outside of working and coughing, I haven’t been able to do much, my phone is apparently underpaid so bad that I can’t put money in it. I should stop being a lazyass and go to the Metro PCS store and get that taken care of.

A new roommate has entered into the home and surprisingly, I have no issue with him. The four of us are introverts by nature so we rarely see each other outside of the one day a week we all work together (and even then 3/4 of the house work at the same place). When we do see each other, it’s peaceful and lively but it ain’t often.

Short entry but there’s not to catch up on. Money still coming thanks to the job and I’m still investing in doing the wrestling thing. I just need to pay off my other expenses first and that shouldn’t take long since I’m only $425+ away.

That’s it, enjoy y’all day.


Life Update: Georgia

I got some explaining to do but the past few months have been both completely eventful and borderline uneventful, let’s start from when I got out of Corale’s.

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The Hotep Hustle

Okay, it’s no secret that America is racist as hell and that there’s a lot of injustices that we need to address and actually make strides to solving.

Enter the Foteps


Why I’d get a sex doll

You heard me.

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“It’s okay to be white”

Who said it wasn’t?

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