I never speak to persuade

If there’s one thing I hate is when I have an opinion and some internet tough guy comes in and “shuts me down” because I’m supposedly “trying to tell people to…” bullmess.

I’ll say this right now because I’ll have a reference point.

I’ll NEVER speak to persuade anyone to think, say or do anything.

I think that people can say or do whatever they want as long as it’s not shouting out German swears while crapping on the American flag on a military graveyard while biting the neck of a goat corpse…all while naked and after a furious masturbation session covered in blood and Sunny Delight.

That deserves some kind of repercussion.

What I’m saying is that I’m not the kind of guy to blatantly demand people to do, think or say anything because at the end of the day, no one will actually listen and I don’t want to be responsible for anything bad that happens to other people.

You’ll never hear a guy going to jail say “But Manny said for me to…” because “this” specific Manny didn’t tell no one to do jack diddly.

If there’s one thing I can’t stand about society is how quickly things can go from bad to really bad simply because some people have a sick obsession with misinterpreting what people say.

“Could you please keep the noise down” is not a demand, it’s a question so by responding with “you don’t tell me what to do” just makes you look disrespectful AND stupid.

I purposely don’t be persuasive just so I can scope out who is and who isn’t a moron

A short entry about Anime

I believe that the problem with Humanity is that everyone REALLY wants to be divided.

Like, there’s a huge difference between wanting to be different and just hating things.

The problem with the Anime community is that being a fan is stigmatized a lot already.

So the fandom wars are just, annoying.

It’s no secret that we’re all completely incapable of actually coming together for anything, which is why when that actually happens, something amazing happens (like your favorite media based thing or just a better world entirely).

Okay, as mentioned before, I like Anime and manga and with my slight experience, I’d like to think I know what I’m into, what I’m not into and what I can get into. Notice how I put myself into those categories.

The problem with the anime community (and just communities in general) is that they assume that their opinion is fact and use that to try to persuade people.

Which is fucked up (I don’t want to curse but that’s just the best way I can put it)

Now, I like a series called Thunderbolt Fantasy, a compelling story about a badass named Shan that gets thrust into an epic journey by some pipe smoking mystery guy who doesn’t use his real name.

It’s actually pretty epic.

But the Anime community looks at it and be like “fucking puppet shit! THIS SHIT AIN’T DRAWN, IT’S NOT ANIME,RAWRRR! we already don’t like it”.

Now, I’m not saying that you have to like the show but if you’re gonna not like it, let it be because it doesn’t compel you as far as plot is concerned, y’know? Don’t just down it because it’s puppets because that’s just dumb.

Blog Post: Wrestling

Normally, I blog on my Livejournal but I’ve been skimping on it.

Okay, as a wrestling fan, I’m compelled to be a professional wrestler.

I mean, I’m 28, fat as hell, short, poor and I live in Louisiana (which is pretty much no man’s land for just about everything) so that immediately disqualifies me, right?

I mean, it did years ago when every wrestling school was like a state over and $1,500 up front and there was still a chance of the head guy telling you “get out, NO REFUNDS!” which would make me broke, homeless and discouraged.

Not before I found out about Reality of Wrestling owned by none other than WWE Hall of Famer and just straight up legend Booker T…in HOUSTON, TEXAS. Which ain’t that far from where I am.

So you bet your ass, I’m gonna try that out and keep you posted on my quest to get my old broke fat ass out of this situation I’m in and go there headfirst.

Now before I sound like a RoW shill (because I totally will once I get in), I get to the bloggy part.

Now with newfound confidence, I call up RoW and y’know, I’m expecting to get some front end worker named Tina or some smizzash like that. No, I GET SHARMELLE! I’m talking on the phone with the mf QUEEN, dawg and I’m like awestruck at how easy this was. Like before talking to her on the phone, I figured that wrestlers never talk to fans, especially the crazy fans that actually wanna perform.

I’m still awestruck.

She was nothing but nice the entire time and told me about this event going on on Oct. 15 that I can’t go to because I have a job that really gets a kick out of sucking my soul away.

Combine that with not having a car (so I’d have to bus to Houston then uber from the bus station) and not having a lot of money (job don’t pay enough, yo) and let’s just say, I got a lot of bumps in the road to being a wrestler.

Challenge Accepted, yo.

Maybe the Elephant is the wrong choice

Look, I didn’t watch the debate, okay.

I’m a wrestling fan, I was too busy watching Monday Night Raw.

But in the flurry of responses that followed, I got the gist of what may have happened, supposedly Holt was biased or something about Clinton.

And Trump practically admitted to not paying taxes.

On Live TV.

Listen, as mentioned before, I don’t think that Trump is a bad dude, I do think that he has a really bad habit of saying the wrong thing.

Which isn’t smart.

Which is why I sometimes call him Dumb Donald.

What infuriates me is the responses I’ve gotten after talking about it on facebook, now these are Louisiana hicks so you may need to throw them a bone but some of those responses practically give every excuse for him (“do YOU pay deductions at your job?”, “He was talking about deductions”) to celebrating and agreeing with what Trump has done (“He’s just using the law that HILLARY supported”, “Every citizen can do it, he’s just smart enough to know how, wouldn’t you do it too?”, “Why should he have to pay taxes if he earned his billions?”) .

Now look, I’m no huge fan of Conservatism but I do agree with one concept of being loyal to who you were in the olden days.

If one of these deplorables were to encounter a regular person who isn’t a billionaire not paying taxes, that regular person would feel the wrath of the rabid republican in a loud and oddly worded ass chewing.

Look, I’m not saying you have to hate Trump but if Obama admitted he has never paid taxes tomorrow, I’d regret voting for him because if I gotta pay taxes, he do too.

That’s like saying that you’re against robbery when a poor person does it but you’re okay with it when a rich guy does it (which essentially is also a thing for some people).

What kind of sense do that make?

The way I see it, if you’re a Trump supporter/Republican/Conservative, you can’t ever use terms demeaning the impoverished ever again which includes “lazy”, “welfare queen”, “burgerflipper”, “section 8”, “food stamps” and “ratchet” among many others because you practically saying that it’s okay for your nominee to be a lazy fat douche that doesn’t pay taxes, the same thing y’all claim to hate.

Either Conservatives nowadays are self loathing morons or they really just forgot that they used to hate this kind of thing.

And elephants never forget.

Henshin Hype, baby!

Never believe that I think for one second that something I type is actually accurate, I’ll never declare that as long as I have a WordPress. I’m opinionated, biased and open about it.

As a kid, I was given a lot of grief whether it was for wearing glasses or reading books or just having a weird face (or maybe because in America we congratulate pointless aggression…which may or may not be an overall human concept).

But one thing I remember that was completely unreasonable was getting picked on for was “watching Power Rangers” which couldn’t really be proven back then but if a kid shouts “you watch Power Rangers” loud enough, it was supposed to be the equivalent of being something bad.

Fast forward a few years later with all these superhero movies being made and the lives of the actors and actresses being only a click away and now everyone is all excited for the Power Rangers from the kids that weren’t even alive for Mighty Morphin’ to the people my age that apparently were “always fans”.

Now I’m not saying that the not-so-nerdy types can’t be fans of Power Rangers (or any other kind of Tokusatsu) but what I’m saying is that this has been the legacy of remakes and posers. And it’s getting pretty annoying to see everyone jump on the Nerd train after years of guys like us being the minority for like years. I mean, it used to be that indulging in media or reading a book or even having a high pitched voice was practically sex repellent and now it’s supposed to be “quirky”  and “cute”.

Can’t lie, we’re progressing because now the people that used to ridicule this lifestyle now wanna follow it…and change it, somewhat but at the same time, I kinda got this conflict where I’m personally wanting to teach them the ways of the nerd and the other being like “this our club, go-way!” (in my best James Hong voice)…sorry, been reading the Joy Luck Club.

But seriously, it’s at this very realization that I realize why I don’t have a political affiliation.

Zayn over…

The title is a play on the phrase “game over”.

For those that don’t speak wrestling, being “over” can mean that the crowd loves you, you get a good reaction (called “pop”), that kinda thing.

Look, I can’t explain this enough but I’m 100% biased. I speak opinions on a personal level and will openly admit that the only person who should legitimately think anything I say is a hundred percent true is me and me alone.

So if you hate my post for “being wrong” then that’s on you, bud.

So I was watching WWE’s Clash of Champions and the show was at least a C- at best. The other people I was watching it with may or may not disagree at the end of the day.

Now, I noticed a lot of good stuff in the show  like Cesaro/Sheamus having a great match with a bad finish despite me having no reaction for Sheamus at all, Perkins/Spanky was good even though part of me really was looking for it to be Alexander/Perkins but meh, we all can’t get what we want.

Either way,  I noticed Sami Zayn lost to Chris Jericho. Now, for those that know nothing about WWE or Pro Wrestling in general, Sami Zayn used to be El Generico and practically travelled the world proving his mettle against best frenemy, Kevin Steen (a man who I despise) before losing the mask and his name and going on to become WWE NXT Champion.

History lesson aside, Zayn has proven that he can not only be a great competitor with great matches but the crowd just loves him despite not having an actual character (which is debatable but I just see him as ’08-’10 Cena).

Zayn actually has a lot riding on a victory against Chris Jericho who is…just legendary at the brisk age of 45. Chris Jericho has done everything in WWE except be King of the Ring and win a Rumble…he does those things and he’s practically the only wrestler to do practically everything.

With that being said, Jericho can stand to lose the match because y’know, won’t be a dent in his record (defeated Austin and Rock in the same night!).

And he wins.

I’m not the type to read dirtsheets or any online rumor mills about professional sports because I’m one of those true marks that likes surprises but from what my friends told me, Generico is kinda difficult to work with and supposedly he’s getting backstage heat and I personally don’t believe that’s true but considering how he beat the guy who would eventually become champ at the prior pay-per-view while he’s losing to legend (which is kind of a huge demotion) just seems a little jacked up.

As much as I hate to say it, Zayn’s not over anymore, he’s just…over.