Henshin Hype, baby!

Never believe that I think for one second that something I type is actually accurate, I’ll never declare that as long as I have a WordPress. I’m opinionated, biased and open about it.

As a kid, I was given a lot of grief whether it was for wearing glasses or reading books or just having a weird face (or maybe because in America we congratulate pointless aggression…which may or may not be an overall human concept).

But one thing I remember that was completely unreasonable was getting picked on for was “watching Power Rangers” which couldn’t really be proven back then but if a kid shouts “you watch Power Rangers” loud enough, it was supposed to be the equivalent of being something bad.

Fast forward a few years later with all these superhero movies being made and the lives of the actors and actresses being only a click away and now everyone is all excited for the Power Rangers from the kids that weren’t even alive for Mighty Morphin’ to the people my age that apparently were “always fans”.

Now I’m not saying that the not-so-nerdy types can’t be fans of Power Rangers (or any other kind of Tokusatsu) but what I’m saying is that this has been the legacy of remakes and posers. And it’s getting pretty annoying to see everyone jump on the Nerd train after years of guys like us being the minority for like years. I mean, it used to be that indulging in media or reading a book or even having a high pitched voice was practically sex repellent and now it’s supposed to be “quirky”  and “cute”.

Can’t lie, we’re progressing because now the people that used to ridicule this lifestyle now wanna follow it…and change it, somewhat but at the same time, I kinda got this conflict where I’m personally wanting to teach them the ways of the nerd and the other being like “this our club, go-way!” (in my best James Hong voice)…sorry, been reading the Joy Luck Club.

But seriously, it’s at this very realization that I realize why I don’t have a political affiliation.

Zayn over…

The title is a play on the phrase “game over”.

For those that don’t speak wrestling, being “over” can mean that the crowd loves you, you get a good reaction (called “pop”), that kinda thing.

Look, I can’t explain this enough but I’m 100% biased. I speak opinions on a personal level and will openly admit that the only person who should legitimately think anything I say is a hundred percent true is me and me alone.

So if you hate my post for “being wrong” then that’s on you, bud.

So I was watching WWE’s Clash of Champions and the show was at least a C- at best. The other people I was watching it with may or may not disagree at the end of the day.

Now, I noticed a lot of good stuff in the show  like Cesaro/Sheamus having a great match with a bad finish despite me having no reaction for Sheamus at all, Perkins/Spanky was good even though part of me really was looking for it to be Alexander/Perkins but meh, we all can’t get what we want.

Either way,  I noticed Sami Zayn lost to Chris Jericho. Now, for those that know nothing about WWE or Pro Wrestling in general, Sami Zayn used to be El Generico and practically travelled the world proving his mettle against best frenemy, Kevin Steen (a man who I despise) before losing the mask and his name and going on to become WWE NXT Champion.

History lesson aside, Zayn has proven that he can not only be a great competitor with great matches but the crowd just loves him despite not having an actual character (which is debatable but I just see him as ’08-’10 Cena).

Zayn actually has a lot riding on a victory against Chris Jericho who is…just legendary at the brisk age of 45. Chris Jericho has done everything in WWE except be King of the Ring and win a Rumble…he does those things and he’s practically the only wrestler to do practically everything.

With that being said, Jericho can stand to lose the match because y’know, won’t be a dent in his record (defeated Austin and Rock in the same night!).

And he wins.

I’m not the type to read dirtsheets or any online rumor mills about professional sports because I’m one of those true marks that likes surprises but from what my friends told me, Generico is kinda difficult to work with and supposedly he’s getting backstage heat and I personally don’t believe that’s true but considering how he beat the guy who would eventually become champ at the prior pay-per-view while he’s losing to legend (which is kind of a huge demotion) just seems a little jacked up.

As much as I hate to say it, Zayn’s not over anymore, he’s just…over.

Election Season, mofos (bias warning)

Now’s probably a good time to mention that I hate “businessmen”, they don’t do work. An athlete plays a sport, a creator creates, a performer performs, a builder builds, an artist does art, what do “businessmen” do that earns them more money than stuff that actual workers do?

Instead I’m gonna tell you who I’m not voting for and that option should be pretty obvious if you haven’t read my last entry.

The sad part is that I don’t see the donald as a horrible person nor do I wish death on him or his family like the more developmentally challenged radicals do.

I’m just aware that even the smartest person can be pushed to make irrational decisions when angered so imagine an angered donald in office. Being president is an emotionally draining job and anyone that’s ever sat in that chair can testify to that. I bet our current President right now is just happy to leave so people can stop blaming him for bad weather (even though they still will if idiocy persists…and it will, sadly).

I’m not voting for the donald, though. I mean, I understand that he’s a fresh face to the political world than the politicians that supposedly lie less than he does (proof pending).

However, at the end of the day, he’s just some lazy rich guy who manages to say the wrong thing almost every week. Now, I agree that most of it isn’t his fault, some stuff he says does get put out of context and the media does indeed kinda bully the guy but he hasn’t said anything that’ll actually help anyone. Building walls don’t help America because that can start a war with Mexico…I mean what if their head guy in charge of Mexico says “dude, I told you I’m not paying for it, quit asking” and Trump be like “I’ll make you”, and with Congress being like being mostly lazy Conservatives, they’d probably jump all over that.

Combine that with the whole Muslim registration thing, the crap he say about women, insulting his opponents with actual name calling all while hiding his tax returns (if he even has any), that’s just too many things (and more) that makes me concerned what kind of President he may be and let’s be honest, with the country being run by billionaires in the first place, I’m sure somewhere, Rothschild, Vanderbilt and Koch is jerking off to that very possibility.

Yeah, I’m not voting for a guy that’s filthy rich and can’t find commitment to join a gym. If watching TV has taught me anything is to never trust a fat rich guy.

“If you don’t like it, get out!” (trigger warning)

I actually really hate that I have political opinions.

Random Troll with too much free time that thinks that bugging some no-name on the internet is some sort of accomplishment: “Then stop talking, then”

Okay, this post is named after the generic comeback to any suggestion of any actual change be it negative or positive.

Now it may be because I’m from Lousiana but I hear a lot of people that call themselves “Republican” and “Conservative” say this phrase a lot, I have no idea what a “Conservative” or “Republican” is anymore, but as a black man, I figure it’s safer to not try to dive into that.

All I know is that after looking up those words in the dictionary, it has strong ties to the word “tradition” which I can support if “tradition” in America wasn’t like slavery, genocide, misogyny, xenophobia, racism, homophobia (President Buchanan) and a lot of gun violence underneath a possible bunch of lazy sociopaths that may or may not have profited from it all (and I’m just talking about before the Civil War).

What I hate the most about this phrase is that in America, it’s pretty obvious that the people with the worst issues (the poor, the elderly, the sick…pretty much anyone that isn’t a rich person or maybe a soldier) really can’t just pick up and leave like how you suggest.

Are y’all aware of how expensive a one way trip out the county is to a person that has to work to pay for rent, car insurance, car note, health insurance, groceries, gas, college tuition, utilities and this is just without a kid to raise and not having to pay all that and diapers, baby food and a health plan for the baby and that’s if you’re an actual family and someone doesn’t have to pay child support.

Not only that but you have to pit the fact that some people don’t get the job that they want so they get a job that they don’t want which pays a fuck less than what most folks need every month.

I mean, after expenses, some people are so deep in the financial hole that they have to hope and pray that they can make something go viral on the internet for any extra money (most don’t, surprisingly).

What stuns me is how a person that practically gets dealt a bad hand for just being in the wrong situation at the wrong time that still somehow manages to survive in a country that doesn’t care about it is considered “lazy” or some jack-noise like that while some blowhard radioactive orange thing with a bad hairdo does NOTHING for like YEARS and is the Republican nominee.

I mean, the whole “if you don’t like it, get out” statement just shows how lazy some people are to actually do any work to make a better America and that’s just sad.

Unarmed Black Person shot by Police

Despite my pathetic attempts at being anonymous, I regret to inform the internet that I’m a black guy. Hold your applause.

Listen, this has been going on since the…forever time (I wanted to say ’60’s but then my brain was like “f’real?”).

Now I’m not gonna sit here and drone on about white against black racism in the country because it’s  too obvious.

I wanna bring up something, after reading the story about the police officer that got fired for not shooting someone. I’m not gonna crucify cops for these murders anymore, articles like that are showing that it seems like the people that are paying the cops are the ones motivating these murders.

I’m gonna talk about something I wrote back then bringing up how fucked up the media is.

Now I’m not no right wing halfwit (nor am I a “libtard”) but I will say that they have a point on this explanation.

Remember how back in the day, it used to seem like every other young white girl was getting abducted and kidnapped? So when a young black girl got abducted and kidnapped, there was almost no recognition (and the black girl had to escape on her own).

I’m starting to see a pattern in the media outlets that seem to enjoy making stories rather than actually informing the people and that’s kind of annoying.

Think about it there’s more than four people running for President but you only hear about Trump and Hillary and that’s only if you’re not using the internet to check out what Johnson and Stein are up to. Let’s not forget how fucked up Congress is who seem to always manage to avoid getting caught up in the news unless it’s another sex scandal (which is usually rare because no one likes to talk about it).

And then there’s the possibility of unarmed White people getting shot by cops that news outlets rarely if ever cares about (because apparently no one’s lives matter if it doesn’t make a great story).

I feel like this whole media fueling the whole “cops vs. black people” agenda is getting annoying because only stupid people are getting mad about it and all stupid people wanna do is hurt something when they’re angry.

In all logic, part of me is just wondering why don’t they cover every murder this way? At the end of the day, a lot of innocent people regardless of race, color, gender, social standing or job are getting killed, raped, abducted almost every day because no one knows about it enough to actually help.

And regardless of how you feel about what I said, if you disagree with that last concept, you’re just messed up.

Sup WordPress, Here’s what you’re getting from me

For one thing, I’m not paying for jack on the internet.

Well, I should have done this years ago…Oh wait I frickin did. And even though, it was angsty teenage foolishness, I was still making it very clear that I exist, albeit miserably.

Sometimes I went into a lot of subjects into just one LJ post “article” but fuck it, if anyone decides to write a book about how awesome I kinda was or could have been (by the way, thanks in advance), you got years worth of source material in that angry-ass link.

For one thing, I curse a lot and I’m actually trying my hardest to stop and I’ve been replacing phrases lately. I use “mothernature” instead of “motherf…”, I use “repubs” instead of “ni..” and I use “sexing” or “frickin” instead of “fu…” just to increase my vocabulary.

Now onto what the title says, In my entries, I read stuff and watch stuff sometimes so expect book reviews of stuff that aren’t new.

I watch wrestling so expect to hear me ramble about that.

I tend to dive into social issues and I’m so self obsessed that when I’m not posting up stuff on my Facebook, LiveJournal or Tumblr (or whatever else), I’m probably gonna be posting here about my input on stuff that’s going on.

When I’m not doing that, I’m probably posting up some randomness I just recently learned about from the stuff I’m reading.

I provide warnings before all my post because as mentioned in my “about me” part of my profile, I’m very biased and don’t care about someone disagreeing with me (because it’s an opinion, I never said what I’m saying is true, it’s just what I believe) so if people are so interested in getting triggered after I practically say at the beginning, “DON’T READ THIS IF YOU’RE EASILY OFFENDED” and you’re easily offended and you read it…your stupidity is on you, bud.

Expect more, or don’t, whatevs.

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Despite the fact that I won’t get any readers, I hope you all read my profile before you commence with whatever negative reaction you have about me.

If you don’t read my profile, I’ll just go ahead and give you the skinny right here.

Firstly, I’m fluent in Gamalielese (quick hint, it involves President Harding) and I’m told I’m hilarious.

Don’t expect a central theme to my blog, I can go from talking about professional wrestling and anime to rap music and politics, this is essentially a more in-depth version of my twitter.

Now, unlike most writers, I’m gonna admit that I’m BIASED AS HECK and I will make completely absurd opinions that may offend but once again, I’m biased. I can see from both sides but I’m still gonna pick one (if possible, anyway).

Every so often, I may throw out a fun fact or a trivia thing or maybe some how-to’s that I’m learning just to keep my blog interesting, but don’t expect much.

Read on, or don’t, I don’t care.