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No Lines: Being an Extra

So earlier, I stated that I’d like to maybe say some stuff about when I was an extra

So, here goes.

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Being an Extra

Now, as I mentioned a lot of times before, I actually do feel like I’d make a pretty okay actor. Pretty sure, Hollywood just sees me as an extra, though.

Which is why I wanna start opening a little ditty I call “Being an extra” where I share with you my personal experiences of what it was like being an extra on the sets I was on.

Now I have two rules about this that I’m gonna set for myself, one is I’m not gonna mention any other extras unless I get their okay so I’m gonna be using a few fake names and two is I’m not gonna talk about being an extra on a project that isn’t already finished.

With that being said, if you actually care about what I write, just know that this is gonna be a new thing.

Probably gonna call it something else like “No Lines: What it’s like being an extra” or something.

My Year in Review: 2016

Y’know, with a few hours of this year left, I honestly don’t feel much of an actual change and despite all the deaths, the flood, Alton Sterling’s murder, the recoiled cop killing, Trump’s corrupted victory, getting fired after five years, another year of crippling depression due to inadequacy and losing my gad-dang remote.

I’d like to point out the positives, or at least my positives.

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