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Life Update: “Been a while, eh?”

Not much has happened.

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Life Update: I’m poor as fuck…


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Life Update: Yup, this gonna be a long one

In a few days, I’ll be 29 years old and I’m not even excited.
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Blog Post: Wrestling

Normally, I blog on my Livejournal but I’ve been skimping on it.

Okay, as a wrestling fan, I’m compelled to be a professional wrestler.

I mean, I’m 28, fat as hell, short, poor and I live in Louisiana (which is pretty much no man’s land for just about everything) so that immediately disqualifies me, right?

I mean, it did years ago when every wrestling school was like a state over and $1,500 up front and there was still a chance of the head guy telling you “get out, NO REFUNDS!” which would make me broke, homeless and discouraged.

Not before I found out about Reality of Wrestling owned by none other than WWE Hall of Famer and just straight up legend Booker T…in HOUSTON, TEXAS. Which ain’t that far from where I am.

So you bet your ass, I’m gonna try that out and keep you posted on my quest to get my old broke fat ass out of this situation I’m in and go there headfirst.

Now before I sound like a RoW shill (because I totally will once I get in), I get to the bloggy part.

Now with newfound confidence, I call up RoW and y’know, I’m expecting to get some front end worker named Tina or some smizzash like that. No, I GET SHARMELLE! I’m talking on the phone with the mf QUEEN, dawg and I’m like awestruck at how easy this was. Like before talking to her on the phone, I figured that wrestlers never talk to fans, especially the crazy fans that actually wanna perform.

I’m still awestruck.

She was nothing but nice the entire time and told me about this event going on on Oct. 15 that I can’t go to because I have a job that really gets a kick out of sucking my soul away.

Combine that with not having a car (so I’d have to bus to Houston then uber from the bus station) and not having a lot of money (job don’t pay enough, yo) and let’s just say, I got a lot of bumps in the road to being a wrestler.

Challenge Accepted, yo.