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“It’s okay to be white”

Who said it wasn’t?


What I already know about you if you’re against kneeling…

Look, as mentioned before, I’m not a fan of getting political but the older I get, the more aware I am of stuff around me.

I hate stuff Politics Ramblings

I hate White Supremacy

Now if you’re an internet Klan members ready to spout out “Well, what about Black Supremacy”.

I advise you to keep reading.


Colin Kaepernick

Now, I tried my damnedest to quell the political talk but I can’t leave this alone.

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Blue Lives Matter, huh?

Now, I live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, actually three houses behind where Alton Sterling got shot at and during that time. There was a lot of anti-cop rhetoric, racist rhetoric and just straight up crazy stuff going on.

Worst Summer Ever.

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Unarmed Black Person shot by Police

Despite my pathetic attempts at being anonymous, I regret to inform the internet that I’m a black guy. Hold your applause.

Listen, this has been going on since the…forever time (I wanted to say ’60’s but then my brain was like “f’real?”).

Now I’m not gonna sit here and drone on about white against black racism in the country because it’s  too obvious.

I wanna bring up something, after reading the story about the police officer that got fired for not shooting someone. I’m not gonna crucify cops for these murders anymore, articles like that are showing that it seems like the people that are paying the cops are the ones motivating these murders.

I’m gonna talk about something I wrote back then bringing up how fucked up the media is.

Now I’m not no right wing halfwit (nor am I a “libtard”) but I will say that they have a point on this explanation.

Remember how back in the day, it used to seem like every other young white girl was getting abducted and kidnapped? So when a young black girl got abducted and kidnapped, there was almost no recognition (and the black girl had to escape on her own).

I’m starting to see a pattern in the media outlets that seem to enjoy making stories rather than actually informing the people and that’s kind of annoying.

Think about it there’s more than four people running for President but you only hear about Trump and Hillary and that’s only if you’re not using the internet to check out what Johnson and Stein are up to. Let’s not forget how fucked up Congress is who seem to always manage to avoid getting caught up in the news unless it’s another sex scandal (which is usually rare because no one likes to talk about it).

And then there’s the possibility of unarmed White people getting shot by cops that news outlets rarely if ever cares about (because apparently no one’s lives matter if it doesn’t make a great story).

I feel like this whole media fueling the whole “cops vs. black people” agenda is getting annoying because only stupid people are getting mad about it and all stupid people wanna do is hurt something when they’re angry.

In all logic, part of me is just wondering why don’t they cover every murder this way? At the end of the day, a lot of innocent people regardless of race, color, gender, social standing or job are getting killed, raped, abducted almost every day because no one knows about it enough to actually help.

And regardless of how you feel about what I said, if you disagree with that last concept, you’re just messed up.