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Wrestling Blog: “If I wrote it”

For those that don’t know, I’m a wrestling fanatic and I’ve been one since like 2003.

It’s gotten so bad that I wanna be a pro wrestler now and I intend to train at Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling hopefully in December.

Now I say this because I like to think that I have an idea how to put over stuff in a pretty okay way in a segment now called “if I wrote it”.

This entry is “If I wrote the US Title”.

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Life Update: I’m poor as fuck…


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I like School but…

Look, I love learning and I love the fact that school actually pertains to three ways of learning: audio, visual and kinetic but there’s too much wrong with schools nowadays like

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G.L.O.W.:Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling

Since my friend did a review for it, I figured I should as well.


WWE Roadblock

Now, like other professional wrestling fans, I partake in the ritual of watching Professional Wrestling Pay-Per-Views at a friend’s place.

Since it wasn’t one of WWE’s big 4, there was no ceremonial pizza.

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These past few days in review

Now, I see WordPress as another journal and so, I decide it’s probably a good idea to just go over the past few days.

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WWE Survivor Series Review

Look, I’m not gonna go into complete detail about Survivor series and tell  you about how the match went move-for-move but I will give the skinny about what I thought about it.

First off, I missed the first match of the Women’s Survivor match but with Team RAW but I kinda expected that, just not completely sure why.

I arrived mid IC match and it’s obvious that the fans knew and loved Generico enough to chant “Ole” the majority of the match. The match was actually pretty good but that finish was weird. I mean, it seems like WWE is obsessed with the Montreal Screwjob and what better way to do that then to fake a screwjob while in Canada. Choice match though, the Miz showed that he can go with the younger talent and that’s saying something considering that Miz can also retire at any time after doing just about everything in WWE besides winning a Rumble.

Next up was the clusterfizz that was the 10-on-10 Tag Team Survivor match that went actually pretty well if you take out the NEW DAY getting eliminated within the first two minutes of the match but  thankfully no one got injured but we already got Team RAW winning the Women’s so here I am thinking that Smackdown had it made in this one. They didn’t and while I’m happy Cesaro got the win and managed to show why he’s just amazing, I’m disappointed that RAW is now 2-0 in the Survivor matches.

Next up we got The Cruiserweight matches where both wrestlers practically have the same finish (Sliced Bread is simply just a corner run Solida del Sol) so what better way to display a difference of styles between two wrestlers that may have put up a possible match of the night? By ruining it with Baron Boring. I’ll say it, I’m about as excited to see Corben as I am to see Wade Boring some odd years ago but everyone was expecting Kalisto to win the match so that the Cruiserweight show won’t have too many conflicts so now it’s like “how the hell do we bring those guys to Smackdown now?”. Either way, RAW kinda needs the Cruisers though because they got the weaker show and they need as much help as they can get.

So now we go to the traditional Survivor match pitting the five from RAW against five from Smackdown. Everything seemed to be going great, I loved the exchanges between Chunky (I don’t like Owens) and Overrated (TNA made me not care about Styles either) as well as Rollins and Ambrose. I knew things were going bad when I saw Jericho give Shane-O that dropkick right to the forehead. Shane’s a tough man but his iron will is a little dented, so when I saw him flop around the majority of the match after that dropkick, I was genuinely concerned. I mean, was he legit effed up during the match after that kick or just a damn good seller, either way, he fought it out until the end but I can imagine the amount of misblaming that big Ro’ is gonna get because of this.

And finally, the main event, Goldberg vs. Lesnar.

Now, I was expecting to see Goldberg get massacred with like eight suplexes, Lesnar kick out of like maybe two Jackhammers and a little blood with Paul Heyman being like “ONCE AGAIN, BROCK CONQUERS!” but the show was like a few minutes away from being over so I was like “welp, here we go with the F-5 that’ll shock the world for the second time around”.

Because WWE really like parading corpses of the past and what better way to say “F–k WCW” than to have the once unstoppable Goldberg get floored by Lesnar.

Glad WWE took the high road on this one because let’s face it, Goldberg is getting up there in age and his footing has gotten rusty as hell so to see that WWE didn’t just capitalize on this and cash in on another chance to humiliate WCW is actually pretty cool.

But damn, that was the shortest main event I saw since Lesnar/Orton at WeakerSlam.


Booker T is just great

Now, I just finished one of his biographies so sit yourself on down and let me tell you exactly why Booker T is quite possibly one of the smartest and greatest wrestlers in current history.

I stress “one of the..” because people are stupid.

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What up, WordPress?: Facts About Me

I’m from Baton Rouge, Louisiana which I sometimes dub “Tragic City” because of the intense summer we had.

I’m pretty sour when it comes to most things but that’s only because I’m openly biased and since my life actually sucks, I’m going to see everything with an outlook that may not agree with your own and since I don’t expect to get any people to read anything I type, should you disagree with anything I say then I’m just gonna assume you’re just an asshole.

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This Past Weekend…

Okay, let me start off by saying, I’m HORRIBLE at planning things the first time around.

This weekend was hell and a lot of it was unavoidable.