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Hot Chicks and Hard Dicks

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Why Trump’s Presidency is a Good thing

Yup, I was Trump’s biggest critic but now


Today’s Politics: White Privilege

Here’s the thing, when Brock Turner got three months for raping that girl. Every black guy I know was like “well, if he was black…” before describing every severe punishment possible.

And I was like “guys shut the hell up, race had nothing to do with this case!”, everyone seemingly involved was white. Hell, the guys that came to her aid were some kind of European which make them straight-out-the-factory white.

Either way, my people continued to forget that race had nothing to do with the case and perpetuated the whole “white privelige” thing (I personally saw it as “rich privelige” but sadly, one black guy I knew defended rich people, the poor fool).

And just when I wanted to push the whole “Rich people are ruining America” angle (post pending), I’m reintroduced to Donald Trump.

A guy that can’t seem to stay out the headlines.

Now, mind you, whoever found that tape of him talking about grabbing vaginas is a mad genius for the Clinton campaign and I bet that guy got a big ol’ bonus.

Look, I don’t like Hillary either but I’m damn sure not voting in some schmuck that has a rapsheet that he doesn’t have.

Trust me, these next few paragraphs a lot shorter if you read it in George Carlin’s voice.

Barack Obama isn’t perfect by any means. Fuck, I’ll say this, being President is easily the most fucked up position to be in.

You share national responsibility with over 300 bickering old people signing in laws and policies that may or may not be followed by the very same people that are slightly responsible for voting you in.

All while being the figurehead of “power” in this country because up until a few years ago, no one knew who the fuck Congress was because Civics isn’t something you teach to a seventh grader in 2004.

On the way to the White House, you have to portray this lie that you’re at least sorta perfect. We’re talkin’ you have to be the king of bullshit town to get promoted to President of Bullshit nation.

Trump said “fuck that” and proceeded to insult Mexicans, Handicapped, John McCain, Megyn Kelley, more Mexicans, Islam, Obama, even more Mexicans…and this is before admitting to not paying taxes on TV, scamming people with an appropriately named Trump U, the sex trial and now being recorded talking about sexual assault and somehow getting pissed off because some Indiana born judge is Hispanic.

Now at this point, you have some people saying “Well Hillary..”, no fuck Hillary. At this point, SHE’S a protest vote.

Look, if a presidential nominee was a black guy, a gay guy, a woman or anything else that wasn’t a rich white douche. They would NEVER get away with the shit that they say. The moment that some Black gay guy says something remotely similar to “Putin is pretty cool”, they’d be labelled a traitor for treason and you’d hear the same people who support Trump say “hang that communist n—-r f—-t”.

Meanwhile Trump has committed almost all the atrocities that Republicans claim to despise. You wanna talk smack about welfare, YOUR NOMINEE PRACTICALLY GETS THAT. You wanna talk about how much you hate rape, your nominee practically states that he sorta does that.

I’m not saying vote Hillary but vote logically, not emotionally. Trump┬áhas yet to say what he’ll do to improve anything that’s wrong with this country and the whole “immigration” thing is played the fuck out.