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I like School but…

Look, I love learning and I love the fact that school actually pertains to three ways of learning: audio, visual and kinetic but there’s too much wrong with schools nowadays like

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Hollow Entry.

First Halloween here in Hanford and I got work.

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Life Update

So in order to compensate for not getting a job as quickly as I want to, I’ve decided to get an internet certification.

I’m thinking of doing some volunteering too.

My biggest problem is driving my cousins’ car in order to get places.

Ever since the wreck of my first car, I’ve been only slightly skittish about driving. I mean, I can drive and I’ve driven his vehicle a few times already while being here in California but I’ve always driven slow (not too slow) and carefully compared to my people in Louisiana.

My cousin, however has been pretty cool about letting me live here and has made it pretty clear that if I need the vehicle (he has two), I’m welcome to use it to get myself on track around here but I’m still like “I DON’T want to wreck this vehicle”. The way I see, I haven’t, so I’m doing a good job.

Because the job fountain has been looking pretty dry, I decided to do the one thing I’m sure all Californians have done at one point and whore myself to the film industry.

Well, not really “whore” but call a few up and ask questions mostly.

I always thought agencies cost money to use but according to these select few, it’s as easy as giving them a headshot, an email, a resume and letting them work their magic or whatever

Now, I’m no fool, I know that the acting business is shallow as fuck so there’s probably no chance of me actually getting into a movie or anything like that but the idea is to at least fail while trying so I can add that into the list of “shit I attempted but got cut short on”. Just a few more bricks until I’ve finished my fortress of failure, y’know?

On the positive note, I’ve been having more conversations with my old classmate, if the name “Baranco” mean anything to you, you know who I’m talking about.

I feel a bit special because we were friends in High School and she’s the reclusive type. Every so often she’d call me up and stuff, really brightens my day knowing that she’s still alive (a couple of people from my school year are dead).

On the good foot, I like to think I’m doing well in school, it’s an IT course and I know just enough about computers to make sense of some of it and some things did stick during the Lynda courses I was taking.

Only problem is that the class I’m in is about hardware, not software, so I’m kinda up shit creek.

Welp, challenge accepted, much.

If you’re still reading, I’m still writing.

Love and Peace, yo.

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‘Murica the Masochistic: Spank me harder

Okay, what is it about being rude, crass, or straight up ill mannered that get people wet in the pants?