New Segment: Show Ideas

So as a struggling writer wannabe, I tend to have random ideas come out at me and because I’m flighty in my way of thinking, I never get the chance to record them so I decide to record them here.

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I Hate Game Shows

Considering the fact that I haven’t had an actual working TV for months now, I’m not sure if the format has changed or not but I hate game shows.

Price is Right, Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, Wheel of Fortune, pretty much all those shows with the cash prizes or stuff like that.

Now I’m poor. I’m desperate. I’m 28 years old and I gotta start from the ground up after getting kicked out the military some odd years back so going to the Millionaire show seems like a pretty logical way for a guy like me to earn a little money.

Now with any form of earning anything, there’s the application process (which I find to be bullshit) which makes you open for judgement amongst (not sure why that isn’t a word) the people in charge.

Who can choose to give you the shaft just off your physical appearance alone.

What sucks is that this kind of process is practically put into every form of business ever created in ‘Murica.

So while I despise the application process, I apply to no calls, or even rejection calls for that matter and the first thing I wonder is “Why do you need to audition for this?”. Like, when I was growing up, Auditions were for stuff that involved lines and scripts and stuff, like the whole format would be some director dick giving you a script, asking you to recite some lines and judge you accordingly.

So y’know, what lines do you have to rememberĀ at a game show that involves such a strict and thorough judging session?

What further burns my biscuits is that this sort of process goes to practically any show that makes it seem like they’ll practically approach any Joe Blow from down the ro’ but it’s all just one big con.

I mean, in the past month, I’ve applied for Wheel of Fortune, Millionaire and Married at First Sight and so far, none of those brain dead fuckers at the top tier have even considered calling me back, I doubt any of those assholes even read my application.

I remember a while back there was a whole thing about going to that Big Brother show back then (I mean, I never watched but I wasn’t going to let them know that) and I tried out for. How the fuck do you apply and audition for Reality Television where they’re practically following you around with a camera.

You’d think that with Reality Shows with money based prizes would look for the worst kind of person to promote just for ratings instead of these little teen models that they’re secretly trying to rape.

But meh, I’m going off the deep end.

Seriously, though, “auditioning” for a “role” that requires you to be yourself? How the fuck does that even work nowadays? Is everyone on TV an actor?

How did we get to this point?