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Wrestling Blog: “If I wrote it”

For those that don’t know, I’m a wrestling fanatic and I’ve been one since like 2003.

It’s gotten so bad that I wanna be a pro wrestler now and I intend to train at Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling hopefully in December.

Now I say this because I like to think that I have an idea how to put over stuff in a pretty okay way in a segment now called “if I wrote it”.

This entry is “If I wrote the US Title”.

My Take on the US Title

Here’s what I already know about you if you still support Trump

As much as I hate typing about politics (which I’m gonna end up transferring to my LinkedIn Blog), I figure with the new year coming, it’s time to reflect on this bagged shit what the corporate overlords left at the White House and the ants and flies that seem to love it so much.

Trump himself is not a terrible person, his supporters are the ones we, as a nation, need to watch out for so here’s my assessment of his brain dead supporters.

And no, I will not be nice about it. Continue reading Here’s what I already know about you if you still support Trump

I like School but…

Look, I love learning and I love the fact that school actually pertains to three ways of learning: audio, visual and kinetic but there’s too much wrong with schools nowadays like

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